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I was meant to post my top 30 anime today but it turns out that is taking a rather long time to compile and I’m heading off to the pub in a few minutes. So instead, as a sort of filler post, I’m going to point you in the direction of that upcoming anime page you can see at the top of this website. I started that project about 6 months ago and basically, it’s a list of all the anime that’s been green-lit for production and my thoughts on how well it will turn out. I kept finding info on these upcoming series and wanted to write them down somewhere and so that page was born. It’s a constant project of mine so it’s updated fairly regularly. It’s not a season preview so I haven’t done much research beyond visiting the homepage, reading the short blurb on ANN and watching any available trailers (which is more than most people seem to do for season previews anyway) but it’s a nice way to see a snapshot into what awesomeness is on the horizon. Arakawa Under the Bridge, the picture heading this post, is one of my predictions for the next piece of awesomeness in the world of anime. Keep an eye on it, as well as that Yuasa production in the Noitamina timeslot.

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