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This Is (Not) An Anime Podcast – The Top 30 discussion part 2

The follow up to part 1 of our top 30 discussion. The actual top 30 post will go up in a few hours (hopefully), but if you want to spoil yourself by listening to our discussion beforehand, then you’re more than welcome to. We will also have Shinmaru and Inushinde post their own top 30s (hopefully) in the next few days.

We’re thinking of doing something similar for the end of the year posts, unless the reaction to these podcasts are so bad that people start pissing through our letterboxes. Then we might rethink our strategy.

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  1. Posted November 7, 2012 at 9:55 pm | Permalink

    Generally, a “poor” start is a relatively small price to pay for a story that promises and delivers interesting developments and uncommon strengths. You can put off a slow moving series and power through episodes quickly later, but a bad end is forever.

    Azumanga is more than the sum of its jokes. There’s warmth in the friendships they form, and later the series becomes poignant, nostalgic of the ephemeral feeling of carefree high school days while acknowledging their uncertain future.

    I don’t know how you can possibly marathon Kino’s Journey. Like Kaiba or Mushishi, you just have to let the episodes sink in and swirl around in your head before you can tackle the next one. I watched the series half a dozen times in high school to repeatedly wrangle with the topics of human nature its parables shed light on.

    Hype aside, Madoka works in so many ways on multiple levels that flat character development is easily forgivable. Creative spectacle and intriguing iconography, mood-setting musical score, terrific pacing for a TV series with well constructed cliffhangers and revelations every episode, and its status as successful proper Tragedy, a rarity in anime if there ever was one. It’s as complete a package as there is in broadcast television animation.

    Anyway, your show is ridiculously long and meandering, so I’ll have listen the the rest and continue correcting you guys in the comments later.

    • Maximillian
      Posted November 9, 2012 at 4:10 am | Permalink

      Reading your thoughts might be interesting, but “correcting” others implies that your own views are somehow free from other personal biases and simple differences in terms of intellectual preferences, which is honestly highly unlikely when talking about something as inherently subjective as the appreciation of fictional art and entertainment as opposed to a far more grounded and scientific pursuit.

      Such as things are, different people will always approach these productions and projects quite differently. It is not necessarily “wrong” to prefer a good start to a bad one where things eventually improve, nor vice versa, and the same thing goes for “good” or “bad” endings relative to the rest of any particular series. Various perspectives will value one over the other.

  2. Camario
    Posted November 11, 2012 at 3:36 am | Permalink

    Gasaraki is actually a Ryousuke Takahashi show that deals with some heavy politics and military procedure plus a bit of weird mysticism involving Noh. I can barely remember the details though.

    Speaking about something one of you brought up in passing…GunxSword is pretty damn entertaining. Not very original nor very sophisticated, but entertaining.

    I guess the first episodes might also be too…episodic for some, including myself back when the show premiered. But there’s a few nice ones too and the series does build up to a very good halfway point with an even better climax at the end, so I think more people should give it a chance.

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