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Winter 2014 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s World Famous Anime Season Preview: Winter 2014 edition. If you are a regular of these most prestigious of lengthy blog posts, you will know that I like to let my cynical side take over and run amok over Japan’s latest animated offerings. Not this season though. This season looks quite […]

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Golden Time episode 1 – Animate like it’s 2003

I may have let slip in my season preview for Golden Time that I wasn’t terribly fond of Toradora, certainly compared to everyone else. That’s not to say I hated it though. It was above average, certainly better than most high school romance anime, and a whole lot better than everything else that’s not Nodame […]

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5 Light Novel adaptations announced in one day – further analysis

The light novel publisher Media Factory, a subsidiary of the publishing conglomerate Kadokawa, announced anime adaptations of 5 of their light novel properties. Usually I cover this sort of stuff in the season preview, but the 5 titles in question all have very noticeable similarities and re-occurring traits. It would be remiss of me not […]

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Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. Episode 1: Sad Male Leads Doing Squats in the Snow

Molding a milquetoast generic lead into somebody remotely relatable is possibly the most thankless task ever, right behind being a hygiene technician. With an intentionally weak personality and indistinct appearance to supposedly aid in audience projection, anybody charged with making them seem like actual likable humans is in for one of the bumpiest creative roads […]

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Valvrave the Liberator episode 1 – Cars is back

After blasting Cars into Space, he floated aimlessly across the galaxy for several thousands years, meeting no living creatures and eventually losing consciousness. When humanity started to spread across the galaxy themselves, one survey team pick up some space debris and discover it has some strange power they can’t really comprehend. What they do know is […]

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Anime Mirai: Arve Rezzle and Little Witch Academia

As a follow up to my reviews of the previous 2 years of Young Animator Training Projects, here’s my reviews of 2 of the newly branded Anime Mirai pieces. ZEXCS piece Arve Rezzle and the much anticipated piece by Trigger: Little Witch Academia. I did want to review Death Billiards, but that’s been sitting there […]

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WHO IS IMOUTO episode 1 – The burning question of our time (Scamp’s take)

What’s your pathetic excuse for not watching this anime? Some feeble fobbing off, declaring it to be crappy incest trash wish fulfilment? That the main character is a complete potato-kun of no personality and the girls are just a parade of moeblobs? That you are sick of trashy light novel adaptations with ridiculously long titles […]

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Campione episode 1 – Itarian (Scamp’s take)

Campione starts off in Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy, which I went on holiday last summer to. Hence I was all excited to see how their depiction of Sardinian life and architecture was like compared with my own experiences. Early impressions left me a bit high and dry through. Apart from one […]

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