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Anime Blogging is dying, Attack on Titan is the biggest anime of the decade, and more

Let me start this post with a big disclaimer: It is incredibly easy to create false narratives using google trends. The service tracks how many people are searching for a specific term, so you have to take several things into account when deciding what these numbers mean. People could be searching for them in different […]

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Comparing 8 popular anime discussion forums

You saw the latest episode of Super Title Robot Anime Harem Can’t Be This Explosion and thought it was pretty great/terrible. But you want to see what other people thought of it. Maybe you want to tell other people what you thought of it. So where do you do this? Well, apart from the fact […]

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2000 Forgotten Anime: Miami Guns

I’m jealous of Landon’s ‘Best Anime of the Decade‘ lists. So much so that I’m going to do what any good blogger does and totally rip it off. Back when the new decade rolled in, I never made a ‘Best of the 00s‘ list because I felt like I hadn’t seen enough to properly judge. […]

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Downtime and Hiatus

You may have noticed my blog hasn’t been in the healthiest state lately. I exceeded my monthly bandwidth limit, which in my initial panic meant “oh shit oh god oh golly I’ve been DDoS’d”. Turns out I was just too popular for my own good. I contacted my hosts asking what it would take to […]

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12 Days of Anime #12: Discovering Fireball

The 12 Days of Anime project was started 4 years ago by CCY, now known as Canon-chan via twitter and Manma via crossplaying tumblr photos. His blog passed away recently, although it was in a vegetative state for a long time, but I didn’t want the project to die along with it. So I half-heartedly […]

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The readers have spoken part 3

Final batch of responding to reader questions. If you want to ask me something more, then I’ll answer them in formspring itself.

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The readers have spoken part 2

Terribad video? Sorry, still on holiday. Too busy rotting on buses and getting drunk tipsy by 1000 foot high cliffs to be doing any of that nonsense. So instead, here’s more responses to reader’s questions. Next post will be the last piece of responses I’ll be doing, so speak now or else forever hold your […]

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The state of anime blogging

I recently sent out a formspring question asking people to give me something to blog about. Chances are you don’t have a formspring yourself, but if you want to send me a suggestion you can still ask me something without having a formspring account. I’ll have all my responses in one post later on. However, […]

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