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132 CommentsUpcoming Seasons / By Scamp /

Fall 2013 Anime Season Preview

Last season I saw a rather depressing number of people saying something along the lines of “I didn’t expect anything from Silver Spoon and was really surprised when it turned out to be excellent”. Then again, if you pick your shows based on pictures on seasonal charts alone, how were you supposed to know it […]

16 CommentsMonogatari Series: Second Season / By Scamp /

Monogatari Series Second Season episode 8 – No orz-ing

I said last week that I was disappointed to see Arararagi back as the main character because it was refreshing to see the story from someone else’s point of view for a change. I was hoping for something similar to the way Durarara was structured, where every episode felt slightly different due to it being […]

22 CommentsManga Driver / By Scamp /

Manga Driver: Short Cuts

Volume Count: 2 (finished) Every country seems to have their version of the materialistic, gossipy teenage girl stereotype. The details differ in minor ways, but many similar trends arise. Talking endlessly about mindless gossip, bitchy and shallow minded, fashion obsessed and concerned about their appearance. Where Japan differs is that, due to their fetishisation of […]

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OreImo season 2 episode 4 – What happened?

Remember when OreImo used to be great good decent all right watchable not completely terrible? After the first 2 episodes of the first season, I remarked at how surprised I was that this show was trying to do an honest depiction of sibling relationships and otaku insecurities. In retrospect that seems pretty dumb, but in […]

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AKB0048 and what power entertainment has

Seems only fitting to follow-up an Aquarion EVOL post with Shoji Kawamori’s latest nonsense fest, AKB0048. In the world of AKB0048, jpop idol music is wonderful and amazing and everyone loves listening to it. That’s fine by me, but I do have a bit of a problem with idol music being the bastion of the […]

36 CommentsNisemonogatari / By Scamp /

Nisemonogatari episode 11 (finale)

Not only does sucking the blood of an ex-vampire age you a couple of years, it also hands you an entire new wardrobe. It even has the sense of style to have a doughnut emblazoned on the back of the hoodie.

34 CommentsNisemonogatari / By Scamp /

Nisemonogatari episode 4

A quick run down of events in Nisemonogatari episode 4. Arararagi takes a girl to his room to ride his giant banana, and Arararagi takes a bath with a sultry naked blonde loli vampire. That is pretty much it. I think Aquarion’s level of sexual symbolism probably beats out Nisemonogatari, if you can possibly believe […]

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Secret Santa: Pani Poni Dash

The Reverse Thieves Secret Santa project is just like regular secret santa, except instead of getting receiving awful €5 gifts, your secret santa recommends an anime for you to watch based on your preferences shown on MyAnimeList. My secret santa didn’t study my list very well though. The first one they gave me was Mardock […]

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