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Summer 2016 Anime Season Preview

Wait, what date is it? Why is my twitter feed talking about anime I’ve never heard of? Oh shit, the new season has started already? I have a half-written season preview that can’t go unpublished! Damn, got to finish this thing right now. Quick, shut off Overwach for the first time in a month and […]

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Spring 2016 Anime Season Preview

Are you ready for Diamond is Not Crash? Welcome to The Cart Driver’s Relatively Famous Anime Season Preview, Spring 2016 edition. Without trying to get everyone’s hopes up too high, I think this might just be the greatest season for anime of all time. Yeah. For real though, it’s certainly the season with the most […]

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Winter 2016 Anime Season Preview

You mean…the new season starts tomorrow? Oh dear, I better finish that season preview then. Welcome to The Cart Driver’s Legendary Anime Season Preview, winter 2016 edition. The new season doesn’t air its first anime until tomorrow so it’s all good, I’m still on time. This is officially the latest I’ve ever gotten a preview […]

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Fall 2015 Anime Season Preview

Kept you waiting. Welcome to The Cart Driver’s a little bit later than usual Fall 2015 Anime Season Preview! 2015 has been a pretty good year for anime all things considered, certainly a step up from the fairly woeful 2014. Winter was great, summer had some fantastic series, spring was…well OK spring was a waste […]

10 CommentsMAL article roundup / By Scamp /

MAL articles roundup #3 – School Live thematic analysis

Another week, another MAL posts roundup. Still working my way into things, but I’ve fallen into a comfortable rhythm of 3 episodics and one analytical post per week. Might even bump it up to 2 non-episodics per week once I get my schedule sorted out. As I write the season preview for this site, I’m […]

20 CommentsJoJo's Bizarre Adventure / By Shinmaru /

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 7 – A Classy Orangutan

Shinmaru: Unlike the previous episode, I remembered most everything that happens in this one. Funnily enough, an orangutan dressing like a ship’s captain, smoking a pipe and fiddling with a Rubik’s Cube. (The silly designs on the cube were added for the anime, because a plain ol’ cube just won’t do!) I feel like this […]

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Winter 2014 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s World Famous Anime Season Preview: Winter 2014 edition. If you are a regular of these most prestigious of lengthy blog posts, you will know that I like to let my cynical side take over and run amok over Japan’s latest animated offerings. Not this season though. This season looks quite […]

14 CommentsMonogatari Series: Second Season / By Scamp /

Monogatari Series Second Season episode 17 – Arararagi for Worst Girl

Last week was just another recap episode. They recapped that weird spin-off arc from Bakemonogatari where Kanbaru and Senjogahara teamed up to compete in a giant robot beach volleyball tournament except they hadn’t realised it was a giant robot tournament so showed up in their bikinis and yet won anyway. What, you don’t remember that […]

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