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Samurai Flamenco episode 11 – A lesson in storytelling

Let’s talk about storytelling. The absolute basics right here. Things like flow and character development, the kinds of things that are so taken for granted that you don’t even normally discuss them. Samurai Flamenco gives me a good opportunity to talk about these most basic of mechanics because of how it very deliberately ignores these […]

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12 Days of Anime #6: Execution Device Primate

And nothing was the same ever again. As much as pulling the Guillotine Gorilla card appears to have basically ruined Samurai Flamenco, for that single glorious moment when the policeman’s head got chopped off, it was pure and utter madness. I have never, ever seen a shift that drastic and that completely out of the […]

33 CommentsSamurai Flamenco / By Scamp /

Samurai Flamenco episode 8 – Still waiting for the drop

I knew it. Of course the infamous Gorilla incident didn’t happen. As soon as the episode began we had the director shout out “aaaaand cut” as the camera pulled back slightly to reveal the set. A man in a gorilla costume with a guillotine in the middle took off the head and complained about how […]

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Samurai Flamenco episode 7 – If you’re viewing this post in the future, yes this is THAT episode

Shinmaru and Inushinde wanted their opinions of this episode shared with the Cart Driver audience. On this very special episode. Very, very special episode.  I recommend you maybe catch up before reading. Barely an hour after the episode aired my twitter feed was already starting to fill up with strings of whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats about this episode. Considering […]

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