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26 CommentsKill la Kill / By Scamp /

Kill la Kill episode 24 – It’s our kind of nonsense (finale)

Trying to sum up what happened in this ending is both difficult and yet surprisingly easy. So Lady Gaga wants to cover the world in alien clothing and have humanity give itself up to clothes, but then her daughter and her sailor uniform, who are both part human and part clothing(?), kill the mother and […]

57 CommentsYear in Review / By Scamp /

2013 Anime of the Year Awards and Top 10

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s 2013 anime of the year awards and top 10. The rules are pretty simple. This is a cobbled together list of our favourite anime plus a bunch of arbitrary awards for whatever categories we could come up with. There’s not attempt to be objective (except for the Best Butts category […]

36 CommentsLists / By Scamp /

Scamp’s top 10 anime of 2013

10 is usually an arbitrary number chosen for these lists because it’s a nice round number. However when I went back through 2013 and took all the anime I would actually recommend people watch, I only came up with these 10. The remaining few I watched and liked came with too many big caveats to […]

5 CommentsTwelve Days / By Inushinde /

12 Days of Anime #1: This Year’s Best Animated Police Drama

Only one show could possibly outdo Symphogear having one of the best sequences to ever be put to animation, and it’s this year’s best cyberpunk dystopian police drama with gratuitous explosions, sex appeal, and allusions to classic noir films. Only this show, with its layered narrative and unfliching depiction of the corruption inherent in the […]

5 CommentsTwelve Days / By Scamp /

12 Days of Anime #1: Trigger’s hello to the world

There was a huge amount of hype behind Trigger. Imaishi’s studio set up with all the crew that made Gurren Lagann and Panty and Stocking with him, leaving Gainax with nobody of worth left. What would their first series be? How would they introduce themselves to the world? Not through Little Witch Academia, that government […]

132 CommentsUpcoming Seasons / By Scamp /

Fall 2013 Anime Season Preview

Last season I saw a rather depressing number of people saying something along the lines of “I didn’t expect anything from Silver Spoon and was really surprised when it turned out to be excellent”. Then again, if you pick your shows based on pictures on seasonal charts alone, how were you supposed to know it […]

5 CommentsAnime Analysis / By Scamp /

Anime Mirai: Arve Rezzle and Little Witch Academia

As a follow up to my reviews of the previous 2 years of Young Animator Training Projects, here’s my reviews of 2 of the newly branded Anime Mirai pieces. ZEXCS piece Arve Rezzle and the much anticipated piece by Trigger: Little Witch Academia. I did want to review Death Billiards, but that’s been sitting there […]

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