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12 Days of Anime #3: El Psy Congroo in Sardinia

After the shocking discovery that those people on twitter and in comment sections are, in fact, real people, let me rock your world again by informing you that I too am a real person. Yes, these wonderfully formulated packets of wisdom known as blog posts do come from the fingers of flesh and blood and […]

24 CommentsYear in Review / By Scamp /

Top 5 anime series and top 5 anime movies of 2010

I was getting bored of the format for my previous Yearly Reviews, mainly because I felt like I was giving out awards to anime I didn’t like. SoreMachi has the best opening and ending songs of the year but I don’t like the anime. Gundam Unicorn is clearly the best animated piece of the year, […]

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December Roundup

The big news this month was the Tokyo Youth Ordinance Bill. What it means is that any anime, manga or game (but not books or live action, for whatever bizarre reason) that “unjustifiably glorify or exaggerate” certain sexual or pseudo sexual acts are now 18+. The Bill is utter nonsense and can’t be defended from […]

34 CommentsArakawa Under the Bridge X Bridge / By Scamp /

There is no Arakawa sequel

There’s an anime series airing right now called Arakawa Under the Bridge X Bridge. It’s a pretty amusing story about a bunch of misfits living under a bridge. It’s worth a pop if you want some laughs and like absurdest humour. Some people seem to think it’s a sequel to Arakawa Under the Bridge, and […]

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