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Ranking the Haikyuu volleyball team

Arbitrary rankings are fun! Especially when a show gives you a nice concise group of people in an easily defined group that you can then argue and re-arrange the order of how good they are. I did this with the Tiger and Bunny hero team back in the day and that was enjoyable, because it […]

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I lasted 6 episodes into Yes! Precure 5

You do realise you’re reading the accounts of a man in his early 20’s as he embarks on a quest to watch a franchise of foreign cartoons aimed at 4-8 year old girls, right? Just so we got that clear, let’s move on to Yes Precure 5, and see how far I get this time. […]

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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 5

Leading off yet another C post with a picture Mysu. It’s the most I can do for her, considering it’s hard to actually write about what she does in the episode. She’s not particularly relevant to the story as of yet.

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My 80’s and early 90’s OVA splurge part 2

Part 2 of my journey through the land of the 80’s and early 90’s OVA’s. The land in question usually being a smoggy mega city with lots of construction work going on where cyborgs are chased by a special police force. With boobs.

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The 12 Worst Moments in Anime 2010

Today is the day that’s the furthest away from Christmas. There’s no day more perfect for talking about depressing subjects. 12 moments in anime I watched this year that caused me to rage. Scenes in anime that made me double facepalm at the time and continue to make me facepalm whenever I think about them […]

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