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10 Moments of Suck in Anime: 2015 Edition

We just spent the last 12 days celebrating the best moments in anime. We will soon have everyone posting their Anime of the Year lists. Everyone is feeling pretty great about anime right now. That’s why I’m here to put a stop to all this celebrating. Christmas is over, it’s time to stew in miserable […]

4 CommentsTwelve Days / By Scamp /

12 Days of Anime #3: The longest 10 seconds

The first season of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure with Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency ranks as one of my top 10 anime of all time. Stardust Crusaders wouldn’t make my top 100. I felt that in changing to this episodic format it managed to strip all the urgency and gravitas out of a series that, for […]

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June 2015 Roundup

Summer is here. New anime season has rolled up, catching the collective Cart Driver staff completely unaware as we attempt to wake up from our collective crappy season stupor, made even worse by oppressive heat. But wait, before we move onto this new season full of wonder and joy and possibly even some decent anime, […]

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March 2015 Roundup

Wooh the spring season is here! All these shiny new anime to watch and then subsequently dismiss as trash. I can’t wait! I suppose there were some old and smelly anime that just finished and we should probably say a little something on them. But they’re not the new hotness so we shall keep this […]

47 CommentsFirst Impressions / By Scamp /

Winter 2015 anime first impressions – second take

It’s been tough to keep up with the new season. Between no internet and no laptop, I had to download anime illegally at libraries like some drug addict who had to keep his addiction going by burning random household medicines when his dealer disappeared. However I’ve finally caught up so it’s time to lay some […]

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Winter 2015 Anime Season Preview

All the ladies in the club let me hear you say “kyaaaa”. Fushoji gonna wet themselves like it’s 2010. Let’s get some outright hatred meaning they totally want to fuck in the house tonight. Welcome to The Cart Driver Dot Com’s World Famous (in that at least one person on each continent has heard of it […]

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 11 – Meet the Newest Member of the Joestar Family …

Shinmaru: … Hol Horse!! You can’t deny that he secretly has Joestar blood flowing through his veins given his expert application of the Joestars’ most famous battle tactic. Only the Joestars themselves could see it coming, which is why Jotaro and Joseph were able to get the jump on Hol Horse. See, it all makes […]

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