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57 CommentsYear in Review / By Scamp /

2013 Anime of the Year Awards and Top 10

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s 2013 anime of the year awards and top 10. The rules are pretty simple. This is a cobbled together list of our favourite anime plus a bunch of arbitrary awards for whatever categories we could come up with. There’s not attempt to be objective (except for the Best Butts category […]

16 CommentsGargantia on the Verdurous Planet / By Scamp /

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet episode 13 (finale) – The robot is always the best character

This is going to sound a little harsh, but my main problems with Gargantia are eerily similar to the problems I had with Fractale. It built up a really interesting world that looked like, from the earlier episodes, it was going to build up on some key themes. However as the story progressed, it became […]

27 CommentsFirst Impressions, Psycho Pass / By Scamp /

Psycho Pass episode 1 – Kougami has a laser cannon!

After coming out of university and doing what everyone who gets an arts degree does and ask myself “what the hell am I supposed to do with this”, I decided to try become a journalist (this does relate to Psycho Pass, trust me, I’m going somewhere with this). I’m still a trainee, but the most […]

8 CommentsSteins;Gate, Twelve Days / By Scamp /

12 Days of Anime #3: El Psy Congroo in Sardinia

After the shocking discovery that those people on twitter and in comment sections are, in fact, real people, let me rock your world again by informing you that I too am a real person. Yes, these wonderfully formulated packets of wisdom known as blog posts do come from the fingers of flesh and blood and […]

110 CommentsUpcoming Seasons / By Scamp /

Winter 2012 Anime Season Preview

Ya’ll ready for another round of Senjogahara Fascination? Welcome to the world famous (not really) Cart Driver Season Preview. I usually kick off these posts with some sort of satirical mocking of the ‘everything sucks’ crowd, but since I shall be making a similar statement throughout the course of this post, it would perhaps be […]

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