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Nisekoi episode 7 – IT’S A T-otally obviously reveal

I’m sure you were able to tell The big revelation in this ep Long before the reveal fell But let’s go through step by step If you did’t see it then oh dear You brain must be just mush and pap Right from the off it was clear It’s a trap, it’s a trap, it’s […]

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Nisekoi episode 5 – Forced relationships

The floods over here have not gone But Nisekoi is still here So the no-subs viewing lives on And the halfway point is near This episode reminded me that This show is for boys in their teens For whom going to girls for a chat Is way beyond their own means

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Nisekoi episode 4 – Hairless gorilla

I continue to watch this vanilla With no translations to help me parse Whether he’s calling her a gorilla Or is my understanding a farce Why is she similar to an ape The comparison makes no sense to me It’s not appearance or body shape Unless there’s something I can’t see

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Nisekoi episode 1 – Sure is Shaft in here

When I lost a game guessing MAL’s bad taste I was resigned to blogging some duds But writing normally would be an waste So I decided to watch without subs Nisekoi’s plot is quite a common one Easy to follow and understand Traditional viewings I plan to shun All English translations are banned

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12 Day of Anime #1: Toothbrush

You all knew it was coming eventually. And lo’, exclaimed the Ragi of the many Ar’s, I have brought forth the device to inspect and excavate beyond the veil of thine lips. But nay, my dear audience, did the kin of the Ragi of the many Ar’s truly comprehend the satanic ritual that had been […]

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Magi episode 1 – I can show you some boobs

I can show you some boobs Shining, shimmering, splendid Tell me, pervert, now when did You last let your libido decide? You can open their bras Take them udder by udder Over, sideways and under On a magic groping ride A pair of boobs A new fantastic house of whores No one to tell us […]

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Future Diary episode 18

I think it may be time for some Valentines themed Future Diary content, don’t you think?

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12 Days of Anime #1: Twas the Night of Walpurgis

Twas the night of Walpurgis, and all through fandom people were waiting all in tandem Downloads were watched, F5’s were pressed [gg] fansubs was repeatedly refreshed

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