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Top 10 Moments of HATE 2011

Today is the worst day in the entire year, as it is the furthest away from Christmas. Keeping in the spirit this depressing day, as well as keeping with tradition as I did a similar post last year, it’s time to wrap up the top 10 moments in anime that caused me to rage in […]

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Winter 2012 Anime Season Preview

Ya’ll ready for another round of Senjogahara Fascination? Welcome to the world famous (not really) Cart Driver Season Preview. I usually kick off these posts with some sort of satirical mocking of the ‘everything sucks’ crowd, but since I shall be making a similar statement throughout the course of this post, it would perhaps be […]

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Guilty Crown episode 6

[sigh] I’ve been putting this post off for too long now. I was so desperate to find something else to write about that I ran off to the cinema. You should probably read those posts instead of this one, because there will be nothing of worth in here. No siree bob, nothing of worth in […]

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Future Diary episode 6

St.Peter: Ah jeez God, you’re such a nice guy. Giving that humble Irish anime blogger the anime of his dreams. You truly are an all-loving being. God: What? No I’m not. That anime is going to be rubbish. The writer I chose only wrote one or two episodes of Geass, he won’t be able to […]

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Un-Go episode 1

I watched the first episode on Anime on Demand because legal streaming is awesome and AoD has their streams available in the UK, but that means I didn’t have a video file to take screenshots with. You’ll live without them for now. Remind me why I look forward to Bones anime again? They did Full […]

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Steins;Gate episode 20

Apparently going on holiday and not checking the anime news isn’t a good idea. I turned my back for barely 4 days and BANG Black Rock Shooter in Noitamina and Project Ice is getting an English dub. *sigh* oh well, back to the bread and butter of Steins;Gate episodics.

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Noitamina announce Ore no Kawaii Okaa-san and Magical♥TrapChu for Winter 2012

Noitamina, the popular late night programming block dedicated to hosting anime aimed towards a demographic outside the usual young adult male group, have announced their anime for the winter season of 2012: Ore no Kawaii Okaa-san and Magical♥TrapChu.

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June Roundup

Nothing particularly newsworthy happened this month in the world of anime. Well, except that I bought Baccano wooh! *cough* OK, anime ratings time.

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