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50 Questions

I wasn’t going to answer these 50 questions thing going about the aniblogosphere (there’s too many to even try to link to). I thought it was a waste of 50 perfectly good filler post material, many of which filler posts I had already written. Plus I’d already answered a bunch of questions sent in by […]

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31-60 Favourite Anime

I made my top 30 anime post about 2 years ago. However, as I watched more anime, more started to enter the list, which inevitably caused others to drop out. Instead of losing what I wrote about them forever, I created a ‘those who just missed out‘ page, devoted to holding those that got kicked […]

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Top 5 anime series and top 5 anime movies of 2010

I was getting bored of the format for my previous Yearly Reviews, mainly because I felt like I was giving out awards to anime I didn’t like. SoreMachi has the best opening and ending songs of the year but I don’t like the anime. Gundam Unicorn is clearly the best animated piece of the year, […]

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12 Days of Anime #1: Driving my Cart

On exactly this date a year ago, I made the leap from Bokutachi no Blog to The Cart Driver. It’s a date I’d prefer to leave go unmentioned for the most part, preferring to focus my self-congratulatory masturbatory anniversary posts during the real anniversary into the anime blogging world on July 3rd. But for just […]

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Those that just missed out

My top 30 is a continuous project. There’s always more great anime out there I haven’t watched, and more great anime getting made. However a comment by Janette pointed out that it would be a shame to lose what I’ve written about those anime that drop off the top 30 list. So that’s what this […]

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Arakawa Under the Bridge X Bridge episode 6

I did say that I would quote the opening lines from each episode at the start of each post. Just because the opening lines aren’t a pretentious metaphor for love doesn’t mean I can skimp from that duty. So here we go. Join in if you know the words. Himo himo himo himo~~~ Himo himo […]

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Why are so many of my favourite anime homoerotic?

When I saw this search term come up recently, I thought ‘oh look, another strange, Hetalia inspired search term ending up on my blog’. But instead of being directed to Hetalia episode 5428, they were directed towards my top 30 anime. What’s more disconcerting is that they probably found what they were looking for. My […]

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March Roundup

A season where quality varied from the magnificent to the terrible, and that’s just in a single anime. Apart from a certain constant A-rank anime, every other show this season has been wildly inconsistent in from one episode to the next. In fact, the only consistent thing anime has managed to produce are poor endings. […]

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