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12 CommentsMonthly Roundups / By Scamp /

December Roundup

December was a crazy month. Between 12 days, secret santa reviews, and the final year in review, there’s been barely time to watch the anime before even getting the chance to write about it. I’ve got a Code Geass and Ghost in the Shell OVA sitting on my laptop as I write this. Come to […]

57 CommentsYear in Review / By Scamp /

2013 Anime of the Year Awards and Top 10

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s 2013 anime of the year awards and top 10. The rules are pretty simple. This is a cobbled together list of our favourite anime plus a bunch of arbitrary awards for whatever categories we could come up with. There’s not attempt to be objective (except for the Best Butts category […]

5 CommentsMonogatari Series: Second Season / By Scamp /

Monogatari Series Second Season episode 25 – You trying to fool me?

Nisioisin supports underage drinking. Nadeko went from onii-chan fetishist Worst Girl to binge drinking snake goddess. With the reveal at the end of this episode, combined with her brilliant EEEHHHH scene, she’s had two of the best moments in the whole season. Character transformation ahoy. If pulling a guillotine gorilla is anime version’s of jump […]

10 CommentsTwelve Days / By Scamp /

12 Days of Anime #10: Nadeko’s delinquent screech

A quick attempt to collect all the bloggers taking part in the 12 Days of Anime project. Sorry if I miss anyone. Perpetual Morning, Illogicalzen, Yaranakya, Pedantic Perspective, Isn’t it Electrifying, Michi’s House of Leaves, Toxic Muffin, What is this ‘culture’ you speak of,  Avvesione’s Anime Blog, Subdued Fangirling, The Absolute Destiny Ablogaclypse, Geekorner, The Beautiful World, Fantastic Memes, Beneath the Tangles, The null set, Lower mid table, Nigorimasen, Anime Viking, Satchiikoma, Swabulous, […]

32 CommentsMonogatari Series: Second Season / By Scamp /

Monogatari Series Second Season episode 15 – Even when she doesn’t appear on screen, she’s still Best Girl

I’m sorry for doubting you Senjogahara. You don’t even have to actually appear on screen. The most we got in this episode was this 5 millisecond shot where her face was cut off thanks to Shaft shooting the start and end of the episodes in a wide-screen perspective for no reason, and she was still […]

29 CommentsMonogatari Series: Second Season / By Scamp /

Monogatari Series Second Season episode 14 – TuturEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Remember when Steins;Gate was airing and people made these tuturuu compilation videos where HanaKana’s upbeat oblivious text ringtone noise soothed to a point of delirium? I was never a fan of that kind of HanaKana stereotype. The brainless upbeat moeblob that squeaked in satisfaction at everything because their brain wasn’t capable of holding any other […]


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