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10 Anime Moments of Suck 2012

The 26th of December is the suckiest day of the year because it’s the furthest away from Christmas you can get. So, as per tradition, what better day to ‘celebrate’ the truly horrible moments of anime in 2012. In the past I’ve called them moments of HATE, but as I said earlier, this year I […]

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November Roundup

So what happened newsworthy this month in the world on anime? Well, there was Ken Akamatsu, the Love Hina author, kicking off a website that hosted no longer publishing manga for freeview. Despite what you might have read elsewhere, the project has been a success. It’s only in Japanese for now but, in a world […]

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Those that just missed out

My top 30 is a continuous project. There’s always more great anime out there I haven’t watched, and more great anime getting made. However a comment by Janette pointed out that it would be a shame to lose what I’ve written about those anime that drop off the top 30 list. So that’s what this […]

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