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Nisemonogatari episode 7

Oh Shaft. I’m not even sure how much of this is down to Shinbo anymore. It’s not like he has much to work with when it comes to Nision’s dialogue. “Author mentioned something about elements and fakes? Let’s make mannequins dance to chemical bonds”!

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Nisemonogatari episode 6

This post may contain copious amounts of Senjogahara Fascination. You have been warned. However it will not contain any Mayoi Fascination because that segment was shit. It’s almost a thing now with Nisemonogatari. Skip the boring conversation segment and talk about The Good Bits.

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Nisemonogatari episode 3

Just as I was loading up the new Nisemonogatari episode, I paused it just as it began to get myself a hot chocolate. Lo and behold, what is the very first frame of the episode? Shaft and their wonderful obsession with close up shots of people’s eyes. I wonder if every single episode of the […]

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Nisemonogatari episode 2

Well shit, I wasn’t planning on doing this. I wanted to blog Nymphogear, but the second episode had the audacity to develop a sense of self-awareness, which makes it a whole lot less funny to take the piss out of. I also wanted to cover Daily Dudes, but I’d probably just spend my time explaining […]

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Nisemonogatari episode 1

Somewhere over the course of the 2 and a half years since Bakemonogatari aired, I had forgotten how utterly strange this anime is. It’s one of those little anomalies that can only exist in anime. How something with such out-there animation and artwork, with rambling and self-referential dialogue, can become the massive hit that it […]

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Secret Santa: Pani Poni Dash

The Reverse Thieves Secret Santa project is just like regular secret santa, except instead of getting receiving awful €5 gifts, your secret santa recommends an anime for you to watch based on your preferences shown on MyAnimeList. My secret santa didn’t study my list very well though. The first one they gave me was Mardock […]

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June Roundup

Nothing particularly newsworthy happened this month in the world of anime. Well, except that I bought Baccano wooh! *cough* OK, anime ratings time.

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The 12 Worst Moments in Anime 2010

Today is the day that’s the furthest away from Christmas. There’s no day more perfect for talking about depressing subjects. 12 moments in anime I watched this year that caused me to rage. Scenes in anime that made me double facepalm at the time and continue to make me facepalm whenever I think about them […]

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