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19 CommentsFirst Impressions / By Scamp /

Bakumatsu Rock episode 1 – The government is making you watch idol crap

With Shinmaru and Inushinde leaving to go have fun at anime cons during the start of a new season again, I’m left holding down the fort to write about what is shaping up to be The Summer of Gayness. I’m not covering Free 2 because we all know Free is crap because it’s by Kyoani […]

95 CommentsUpcoming Seasons / By Scamp /

Summer 2014 Anime Season Preview

The anime landscape has changed since I started doing these season previews. There are 2 anime this season based off otome game adaptations targeted at the ladies. There isn’t a single visual novel adaptation targeted at guys. Instead there are 6 light novel adaptations aimed at dudes, 7 if we feel like including the Monogatari TV […]

23 CommentsMonthly Roundups / By Scamp /

March 2014 Roundup

Savour this variety of anime featured in What’s Hot, because this is the last time you’ll see it. For the next 6 months all you will be seeing are endless streams of MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI […]

121 CommentsUpcoming Seasons / By Scamp /

Spring 2012 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s world renowned anime season preview! In the post-chartfag world, the need for season previews to simply tell you what anime are coming out has been diminished. Instead I’m here to tell you why these upcoming anime are interesting. And there are a lot of…interesting anime coming out this spring. Bar […]

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Winter 2011 Anime Season Preview

The first time I ever read an anime blog, it was a season preview. That’s part of the reason why I consider season previews to be the most vital posts of the year. The most important thing anime blogs do for the community. They are the ones who do the research and provide it all […]

22 CommentsOccult Academy / By Scamp /

Occult Academy episode 6

Occult Academy continues its habit of changing director for every episode, which in turn keeps the show from ever having a consistent tone or purpose but sure as hell keeps the entertainment flowing and keeps the show from ever turning dull. The fellow who directing this episode was Ryosuke Nakamura, who’s worked on everything from […]

29 CommentsHetalia World Series / By Scamp /

Hetalia World Series episode 14

Someone had their Caps Lock on when subbing this episode. Dear fansubbers. We know America is yelling. We can hear him. You don’t need to put his lines into all caps. In fact, there’s a small, cynical part of me that believes that the Hetalia subs not showing up in the usual anime channels reeks […]

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Summer 2010 Anime Season Preview

There’s something I’ve been thinking about ever since Gintama mentioned it in one episode. Japan has a serious problem with an ageing population and a dangerously low birth rate, right? Therefore you would think television audiences average age would be closer to 45 than 15. Yet here I am, writing yet another season preview where […]

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