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Sora no Woto episode 12 (finale) and overall impressions metablogged

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Sora no Woto episode 9 metablogged

We find out that Claus wasn’t the famous Desert Wolf, he just didn’t have will to break Kureha’s hero worship. Hell, I really don’t blame Claus for letting Kureha go on about the whole thing, who doesn’t want to be worshiped by a cute girl from time to time. Crystal Tokyo Anime  Blog Personally, I […]

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Sora no Woto episode 5 metablogged

If you thought this was silly, you haven’t seen 200 guys running around the woods shouting “SHOT, SHOT, SHOT, BURRRRRSSST!“. Jinx The aniblogsphere is a good measure of how accurate the depiction of military life is in an anime by the number of people come out to reveal they also spent time running around with […]

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First Impressions: Sora no Woto, Baka to Test to whatever, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Onamori Himari

So with the QUALITY out of the way early on, this is where the quality really kicks in…right? Well, that’s what you’re about to find out with this post! In theory anyway. In practice, all of you will have seen these episodes already and are simply checking to see what everyone else thinks of them. […]

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Sora no Woto episode 1 metablogged

Has anyone noticed a certain similarity in the reviews of Sora no Woto so far? I’ll give you a hint This is more than just a K-ON! knockoff Animediet If you’re going to say that Sora no Woto resembles K-ON in any way besides the character design (mostly eye design, really), screw off, because you’re […]

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2010 Winter Anime Season Preview

For regular, or semi-regular readers of Bokutachi no Blog you may have just had a strange sense of deja vu. Yes, this is the second time I’ve posted this season preview. The problem was the last post seemed to have offended Google for some reason. For the first day or two it attracted plenty of hits but then […]

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This is not a season preview, this is just a rant

Chartfags amazing chart came out the other day as I’m sure most of you know by now. My thoughts while looking at it were ‘quality over quantity’, which is totally the opposite approach to the current season. Instead of the usual sequel laden nonsense that often appears, we have a season full of original ideas and recognised […]

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