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12 Days of Anime #5: Psycho Pass remembers it’s supposed to be good

I liked the first season of Psycho Pass a whole bunch. I did not like the second season at all. It’s not like the world they created couldn’t hold another excellent anime. The reason was largely put down to the writer changing from Butch Gen to that bloke who wrote those weird dumb Mardock Scramble […]

31 CommentsIrregular at Magic High School / By Scamp /

Mahouka – Irregular at Magic High School episode 7 – He’s just too perfect for me

It does amuse me how much everyone is ready to start munching on Tatsuya’s cock. The entire speech from the lady was about how she couldn’t be with him because he was just too good. He’s so perfect and amazing and beyond our understanding. She can only settle for the guy who is not very […]

57 CommentsYear in Review / By Scamp /

2013 Anime of the Year Awards and Top 10

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s 2013 anime of the year awards and top 10. The rules are pretty simple. This is a cobbled together list of our favourite anime plus a bunch of arbitrary awards for whatever categories we could come up with. There’s not attempt to be objective (except for the Best Butts category […]

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Scamp’s top 10 anime of 2013

10 is usually an arbitrary number chosen for these lists because it’s a nice round number. However when I went back through 2013 and took all the anime I would actually recommend people watch, I only came up with these 10. The remaining few I watched and liked came with too many big caveats to […]

7 CommentsTwelve Days / By Scamp /

12 Days of Anime #11: Clobbering Makishima in the face

Psycho Pass episode 11 had the unfortunate honour of airing just after I had finished writing all my 12 days posts. In my episodic on it I gave it the unofficial 13th day award, but that doesn’t really give it justice. But I can’t just copypaste that post and call it a night, can I? […]

33 CommentsGargantia on the Verdurous Planet / By Scamp /

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet episode 11 – Communism is bad

Yo guys, I think Butch Gen might be into liberalism. I first had an inkling of this when Psycho Pass introduced us to a world where a bunch of brains in jars told us whether we would be naughty or nice, but boy did they ever make it super obvious in this episode of Gargantia. […]

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