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Those that just missed out

My top 30 is a continuous project. There’s always more great anime out there I haven’t watched, and more great anime getting made. However a comment by Janette pointed out that it would be a shame to lose what I’ve written about those anime that drop off the top 30 list. So that’s what this […]

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September Roundup

Nothing really noteworthy happened this month. Certainly nothing that wouldn’t be covered otherwise in a season preview or anything. Which is probably for the best considering last month’s news was Satoshi Kon diying and mangaka whinging about piracy. So instead I’ll get onto the rankings as quickly as possible.

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The difference in love between Chobits and Time of Eve

Both Chobits and Time of Eve deal with humans’ relationships with robots. In fact, they both go further than that. They focus, in some or another, on love. In both instances they say that a human can love a robot. Hideki is, completely and utterly, without any sign or hint of creepiness, in love with […]

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Studio Rikka in Noitamina + Artfaggory ruining the timeslot

Studio Rikka, the creators of Pale Cocoon and Time of Eve, are on show in the Noitamina timeslot this season. Many people may be surprised at this fact. I mean, aren’t House of Five Leaves and Tatami Galaxy the two shows this season in Noitamina? Isn’t Five Leaves done by Manglobe, and Tatami Galxy done […]

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Those moments that remind you exactly why you love anime

In my last post I talked about the rather depressing side of anime with not being afraid to drop series. So now I’m going to talk about the greatest moments I’ve experienced while watching anime. Sometimes it’s just a single scene combined with your own over-the-top reaction to it. Sometimes it’s because you’ve just watched an episode […]

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Crunchroll has some surprisingly good writers for its newsletter: A review of Pale Cocoon

I’m one of those unfortunate souls who have subscribed to Crunchyroll’s weekly newsletter. I’ve been so since the newsletter began and I can say with absolute confidence that pretty much all of the articles sucked. Obviously Crunchyroll had to deal with the fact that couldn’t do a proper critical review of any of their anime […]

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September Roundup

Last month I said I would get myself a Crunchyroll account and finally get back into watching Gintama. However, with college starting, I’ve been quite busy (those parties are tough work ya know) and barely able to keep up with the weekly anime. However with Crunchyroll getting their hands of loads of anime this season (most […]

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Anime 2008: A year in review

How the hell am I supposed to open this post? I’m talking about every single anime in 2008, the best and the worst in every category. I haven’t seen everything this year obviously, such as Aria, ef, Shigofumi and DMC, but I’ve had a chance to check out pretty much everything else. Anyway, here we […]

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