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21 CommentsFirst Impressions / By Scamp /

Spring 2016 Anime first impressions part 3

Final batch of first impressions for the season. Or second impressions? Or in some cases third impressions since various episode 3s have already started coming out. Damnit this is all your fault Big Order. Why you got to be so fashionably late? Who do you think you are, pre-Guilty Crown Noitamina? (I kinda miss when […]

29 CommentsLists / By Scamp /

Scamp’s Top 30 Anime

It’s time to update this thing. It’s been almost 4 years since we last collaborated to produce a definitive list of the best anime of all time, so I figured it was worth returning to see what new anime have made it. But before we go onto that, I first have to give you the […]

14 CommentsMonthly Roundups / By Scamp /

June 2015 Roundup

Summer is here. New anime season has rolled up, catching the collective Cart Driver staff completely unaware as we attempt to wake up from our collective crappy season stupor, made even worse by oppressive heat. But wait, before we move onto this new season full of wonder and joy and possibly even some decent anime, […]

24 CommentsHeroic Legend of Arslan / By Scamp /

The Heroic Legend of Arslan episode 5 – The Fellowship of the Ring

I’m not the only one getting a real Fellowship of the Ring vibe from these episodes, right? Arslan is Frodo, Daryun is Strider, Narsus is Arwen obviously. Narsus’ little friend is another hobbit. Yeah it totally works. The only issue is the other hobbit isn’t nearly homosexual enough with Arslan to be representative of Sam and […]

19 CommentsHeroic Legend of Arslan / By Scamp /

The Heroic Legend of Arslan episode 2 – Oh no he betrayed me…who are you again?

There’s a thing in sports where sometimes the greatest players don’t make good managers because they are incapable of understanding why less talented people can’t do what they themselves find easy and natural. They can’t explain to the lesser talents why they can’t do something the manager thinks should be simple. Or how a teacher incredibly smart […]

12 CommentsFirst Impressions, Heroic Legend of Arslan / By Scamp /

The Heroic Legend of Arslan episode 1 – Pretty prince boy

This was almost as gay as the opening episode of No.6. Not quite as gay, and I sure hope it doesn’t devolve into magical bee queens like that show did. But then again both stories started with pampered rich kid from well off society meeting and being taken semi-hostage by kid from different culture until […]

101 CommentsUpcoming Seasons / By Scamp /

Spring 2015 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver Dot Com’s World Famous Anime Season Preview, Spring 2015 edition. This makes 26 season previews over the course of almost 8 years for me and tracking trends in anime over that time has been fun. I remember thinking a year or two ago that it seemed like the tide was changing just […]

28 CommentsIrregular at Magic High School / By Scamp /

Mahouka – Irregular at Magic High School episode 5 – A row of facepalms

When the student council president went into her big speech at the end of the episode in the auditorium about how the systematic oppression of those with less magic skills is actually the fault of those oppressed and they just need to be saved by those higher up, I was reminded of two anime. The […]

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