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Steins;Gate episode 3

I was going to look for fanart of Large Hadron Collider-tan after this episode, but I’ve been burnt before when it comes to fanart for adaptation material. I was spoiled for a pretty large plot twist in Durarara by something as innocuous as fanart before and I don’t want the same thing happening again. If […]

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Steins;Gate episode 2

As I said in my Fireball Charming post, I have no plans to blog Tiger and Bunny, Nichijou or Hanasaku Iroha, the three shows I’ve had positive things to say about the first episodes of. Tomorrow the first episodes of [C], Ano Hana and Denpa Onna to something something Shaft show air, all of which […]

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Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai episode 1

I get depressed watching the generic cycle-through-the-clichés eroge adaptations. I get horrified watching a bunch of girls being insufferably nice to each other. I get annoyed watching sexual acts being mentioned and then thinking that constitutes as a joke. But there are two kinds of anime in this world that make me rage. The first […]

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Steins;Gate episode 1

Present Day Present Time Mwahahahaha!

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Spring 2011 Anime Season Preview

Wow, what a great new season! This is way better than the winter season or the summer season from last year. Err, I mean, what a crap season. There’s only one or two things I’m interested in watching. Anime is going downhill, time to get through my backlog. Err, wait, which song sheet am I […]

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Winter 2002 Anime Season Preview

With fansubs being released digitally the new way to watch anime, now more than ever we can watch what the Japanese are also watching within the same week it airs. No more do we have to wait for years before the western companies license the thing and no longer do we have to rely on […]

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Winter 2011 Anime Season Preview

The first time I ever read an anime blog, it was a season preview. That’s part of the reason why I consider season previews to be the most vital posts of the year. The most important thing anime blogs do for the community. They are the ones who do the research and provide it all […]

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Status Update

I happen to be watching Revolutionary Girl Utena at the moment and I’m surprised, what will all the comparisons people make between it and Star Driver, that this piece of photoshopping hasn’t been done yet. Hence I decided to do it myself, in an attempt to liven up an otherwise dull status update post.

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