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Secret Santa review: Kanon (06)

Kanon is the the last of the Kyoto Animation animated Key visual novels that I had to see. Somehow I’d managed to watch all of Clannad, Clannad After Story and Air. While writing staff and directing staff differ slightly with each iteration, there’s an incredibly clear singular style between each anime. It’s a style that […]

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Fall 2013 Anime Season Preview

Last season I saw a rather depressing number of people saying something along the lines of “I didn’t expect anything from Silver Spoon and was really surprised when it turned out to be excellent”. Then again, if you pick your shows based on pictures on seasonal charts alone, how were you supposed to know it […]

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Summer 2012 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s World Famous Anime Season Preview, summer 2012 edition. And since it’s a summer edition, cue thousands of people saying the season looks crap while totally forgetting that summer seasons are always low on quality. If you can find more than 3 anime that interest you, than you’ve done well. Besides, […]

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Mashiro-Iro Symphony episode 1

Mashiro-Iro Symphony is embarrassing. Sometimes when these sorts of VN adaptations slather on clichés, they do it in a self-referential fashion, wallowing in the tedium of their own genre. Not Mashiro-Iro Symphony though. Yes, it is covered in cliché from start to finish, but it’s so earnest about it that it’s fascinating, as if it […]

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Fall 2011 Anime Season Preview

This upcoming anime season sucks compared to my ridiculously high standards. The only ones I’m looking forward to is this adaptation of a manga I’m reading that isn’t finished yet so I’ll complain about the adaptation having an original ending, and a sequel. Is it my imagination, or has every season been getting worse since […]

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Steins;Gate episode 15

Admit it. As you scrolled down the image, you said the engrish lines along with Kyouma.

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Summer 2011 Anime Season Preview

To sound like a knowledgeable season previewer, there are a couple of things you must do. Check out the source material. It doesn’t matter how much of the source material you check out. This is just to flaunt your superior knowledge over those who don’t know any better Throw out the names of the animation […]

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Steins;Gate episode 5

You know you want some of my soft banana. You jelly? Wait…did the show call him Jellyman because he reported on the people who turned to Jelly? That’s kinda lame. I prefer to think it’s because he was jealous of his bosses new lab coat instead, so that’s what the crew at SERN CERN called […]

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