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Summer 2013 Anime Season Preview

It’s summer! That means swimming and beaches and swimsuits and hot firm bodies under the sun with their chests and their abs sweating with the heat and exhaustion and oh those firm, firm bodies… *cough* where was I? Oh right yes, anime! That medium that has nothing to do with swimming at all. Wonder how that […]

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2002 Anime: Azumanga Daioh

This was always going to be an interesting one to review. Azumanga Daioh is frequently held up by people such as myself as a cutesy 4-koma adaptation that is actually good and therefore proof that I don’t unconditionally hate moe comedies. But Azumanga was made long before those series became a commonplace and diluted the market […]

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Spring 2013 Anime Season Preview

This is the 19th season preview listed on this website’s archives. 20 if I feel like counting the one I did for summer 2008 back on an old livejournal blog where I only covered about 3 upcoming anime and I predicted that Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret would be the next Haruhi Suzumiya. So I’ve been getting […]

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Winter 2013 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s World Famous Totally Accurate Just So Long As You Don’t Mention Guilty Crown Season Preview! Before we begin, here is my handy guide to how promising the source material for an upcoming anime is, according to my totally biased heterosexual male in the 18-35 age bracket view. Original anime > non […]

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Summer 2012 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s World Famous Anime Season Preview, summer 2012 edition. And since it’s a summer edition, cue thousands of people saying the season looks crap while totally forgetting that summer seasons are always low on quality. If you can find more than 3 anime that interest you, than you’ve done well. Besides, […]

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Acchi Kocchi episode 1

A 4-koma adaptation about a bunch of high schoolers doing absolutely nothing. So would you believe me when I said this was way better than expected and flipped my world view, bringing on what could potentially be the second coming of Azuman-pfft no, Acchi Kocchi is hideously boring.

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Spring 2012 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s world renowned anime season preview! In the post-chartfag world, the need for season previews to simply tell you what anime are coming out has been diminished. Instead I’m here to tell you why these upcoming anime are interesting. And there are a lot of…interesting anime coming out this spring. Bar […]

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Kill Me Baby episode 1

Sometimes a new season throws you a fascinating looking new anime, with shiny graphics, intriguing synopsis and a hugely talented crew behind it. Other times, it decides to vomit dead babies on your lap. Kill Me Baby is the latest offering by esteemed animation studio JC Staff (and by esteemed I mean “haven’t produced anything […]

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