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Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun episode 1 – Please don’t become the thing you’re parodying

Remember the name of Gangan Online, the online manga publishing arm of the Gangan brand. The manga that have been turned into anime that came from Gangan Online so far have been Watamote, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, Barakamon and some crappy 4-koma about cute girls that nobody watched. Now they’ve got Nozaki-kun, which judging by […]

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Spring 2014 Anime Season Preview

Hey guess what The Cart Driver writers are excited for this season? I’ll give you a clue: It has the letters J and O in the title. It may even have each of those letters twice. A little bit later than usual, but welcome to The Cart Driver’s World Famous [citation needed] Anime Season Preview, […]

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Nobunagun episode 1 – A symbol for anime’s brighter future

It’s happening! Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally happening. Ever since Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure ended, I have been offering constructive criticism to every anime since then. That advise is that they need to be more like Jojo’s. Now we have something with Nobunagun that very clearly is trying to ape the aesthetic David Production used […]

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10 Anime Moments of Suck 2013

December 26 is the worst day of the year because it is the furthest away from Christmas. So as is tradition, I shall use this most terrible of days to commemorate the worst moments in anime this year. I quite like writing this post, as did I enjoy writing 2012, 2011 and 2010‘s versions, because they’re quite cathartic. This […]

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Winter 2014 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s World Famous Anime Season Preview: Winter 2014 edition. If you are a regular of these most prestigious of lengthy blog posts, you will know that I like to let my cynical side take over and run amok over Japan’s latest animated offerings. Not this season though. This season looks quite […]

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Eccentric Family episode 1 – Hairyballs

You might think that I’m doing first impressions of all the good shows to ensure Shinmaru and Inushinde don’t get to cover them because I’m spiteful over the fact they got to have fun at Anime Expo while I didn’t. However you would be wrong! I totally left them with awesome new anime. Yellow Mosaic, […]

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Summer 2013 Anime Season Preview

It’s summer! That means swimming and beaches and swimsuits and hot firm bodies under the sun with their chests and their abs sweating with the heat and exhaustion and oh those firm, firm bodies… *cough* where was I? Oh right yes, anime! That medium that has nothing to do with swimming at all. Wonder how that […]

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2002 Anime: Azumanga Daioh

This was always going to be an interesting one to review. Azumanga Daioh is frequently held up by people such as myself as a cutesy 4-koma adaptation that is actually good and therefore proof that I don’t unconditionally hate moe comedies. But Azumanga was made long before those series became a commonplace and diluted the market […]

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