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Denpa Onna and dragging stories beyond their natural end

My thoughts on Denpa Onna after 5 episodes. Because sometimes I have more to say about currently airing anime than I can possibly fit in your standard monthly roundup. Or my alternative and more precise sub-title, why it should have stopped after episode 3.

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My Sai Mecha Nominations

SaiMoe happens to be currently on. In it, users vote in a series of match ups to decide who is the most moe character of them all. I like to pretend such a contest doesn’t exist. That is, until a great man EO from THAT Blog set up SaiMecha, which is a popularity contest I […]

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Winter 2011 Anime Season Preview

The first time I ever read an anime blog, it was a season preview. That’s part of the reason why I consider season previews to be the most vital posts of the year. The most important thing anime blogs do for the community. They are the ones who do the research and provide it all […]

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Ore no Imouto episode 10

Fair warning before you start reading: I will be hatin’ on moe in this post. You may retort with the point that you think I’ve been doing that in pretty much every single Ore no Imouto post. That is not the case. I’ve been mainly picking apart problems with the writing, plot construction, poor attempts […]

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Ore no Imouto episode 7

Despite being far and away the most overblogged show on AnimeNano, these Ore no Imouto posts bring the readers flocking in, especially in comparison to the other shows I’m blogging. My Arakawa posts have never been popular, even last season, but an Ore no Imouto gets about double the amount a typical Bakuman post would. […]

23 CommentsArakawa Under the Bridge X Bridge / By Scamp /

Arakawa Under the Bridge X Bridge episode 3

Sometimes when I flick on an episode of anime, my cynic side suddenly decides to shift into high gear, making it incredibly difficult to enjoy the episode and often damning the entire series as it picks apart every scene it doesn’t consider up to standard. It can be particularly fatal for an entire series when […]

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Ore no Imouto episode 2

My original plans for blogging the new anime season consisted of Bakuman, Arakawa, Star Driver and one other anime that caught my fancy. Bakuman and Arakawa are already definites, but Star Driver keeps letting me down. It’s less of a glorious conglomeration of Gurren Lagann, Geass and Utena and more a massive mess that reminds […]

48 CommentsAnime Analysis, No Anime is Dropped Forever / By Scamp /

No anime is dropped forever: Ouran High School Host Club

There’s no point in doing these ‘no anime is dropped forever’ posts if I don’t actu­ally watch any of the anime fea­tured. This time it’s into the dreaded shoujo realm with Ouran High School Host Club (which, btw, will possibly be followed by the overwhelming manliness of Princess Tutu).

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