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Madoka Magica: The Ending

Walpurgis Night was actually not some flying tree that the outline suggested it was, but instead an upside doll perched atop a giant gear? How friggen awesome is that! After episode 10 aired, I wrote a post explaining why it was I liked Madoka Magica so much, before the final episodes went and balls’d everything […]

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The Legend of Black Heaven is almost the greatest anime I have ever seen

First, credit to EO for directing me to this anime in the first place. It may have taken me 6 months before I finally got around to watching the thing, but it was worth it. Confession Time. In all my time of being an anime fan, I’ve never properly marathoned an anime. I’ve never sat […]

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Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 12

Don’t hide inside that cloud. Come down and strike me. I’m perfectly happy if you’re loud about it. I want a bolt of lightning to open my eyes, to pierce my heart. I’m the one who’s afraid. On this plain without a single tree, I have nowhere to hide. Best opening sequence of Arakawa since […]

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Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 8

Again, we have another week where the opening monologue isn’t a quotable life lesson. Rather, we get insight into the turbulent, loveless childhood of Recruit before he became Recruit. It’s the first time we’ve seen his dad in a situation that wasn’t even slightly funny. Having him do the himo~ dance or dressed up as […]

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I had to write something

Berserk I started it because the first episode was marginally more impressive that Demon Detect­ive Nou­gami Neuro. It was only 3 days ago I wrote that post, laughing at how corny the level of violence was. Giggling at the demons’ constant references to the tearing of flesh and crunching of bones. The rest of the series […]

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Just another fanboy spazzing out over Lagann-hen

If you haven’t gotten bombarded by people spazzing out over Lagann-hen yet then where exactly have you been. You could go here, here, here, here or even here if you somehow have missed out on reading people heaping praise on this movie. Alternatively you could continue reading this post while I fanboy for an entire […]

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Durarara episode 3

Up until this episode, Durarara has gotten by through its potential. It’s flaunting its quality but spending most of its time introducing characters and revealing this mad world of Ikebukero to you in bit and pieces. But it hadn’t been truly enjoyable, at least to the extent that it was promising us. With episode 3 […]

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The search for number 7 has ended. The search for number 8 has begun

There was a blog that died about a year ago called ‘In Search of Number Nine’. The main idea behind the blog was this fellow was searching for his 9th all time favourite anime. The 9th anime which he could rate a 10 and love unequivocally. I had, thus far, found six anime deserving of a perfect 10. Well, I’ve found number 7.

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