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Status Update

After writ­ing a bizzilion posts in the past two weeks (rough estim­ate), every show I have to write about this new season is over and done with. Strike Witches I haven’t seen the first season for, same with Sengoku Basara. Campanella is a h-game adaptation with cuteness and girls being insufferably nice to one another, which […]

28 CommentsHetalia World Series / By Scamp /

Hetalia World Series episode 15

I apologise for this, but there shall be no screenshots in this review. This is because there is no download link to this episode. Downloads or torrents for the latest Hetalia World Series episodes no longer exist. To get subs I have to go to shady stream­ing sites with names like allyouranimezarebelongto.us and watch extremely crappy […]

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Hetalia World Series episode 14

Someone had their Caps Lock on when subbing this episode. Dear fansubbers. We know America is yelling. We can hear him. You don’t need to put his lines into all caps. In fact, there’s a small, cynical part of me that believes that the Hetalia subs not showing up in the usual anime channels reeks […]

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Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 13 (finale)

In a move that should surprise nobody, the last episode stayed removed from the plot and was basically a ‘special’. Which is a good thing because the plot worked perfectly as it was and I would have been pretty devastated if they changed it at all, what with all my blubbering in the last episode […]

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May Roundup

I’m going to be pretty depressed when this season ends. My top 4 shows are all ending in a months time and the upcoming summer season definitely has nothing at the same level as those anime ending. I’ve stuck a few shows on hold due to difficulty finding direct downloads though, like Big Windup and […]

21 CommentsHopefully Humorous / By Scamp /

Internet group ‘Fighters Against Racist Television’ launch attack on Hetalia fansubbers

I was beginning to wonder why we weren’t seeing subs for the latest Hetalia episodes. I guess this explains it then.

35 CommentsHetalia Axis Powers / By Scamp /

Hetalia Axis Powers episode 50

The big news in Hetalia at the moment is that it’s been liscenced by Funimation (alongside Sacred Blacksmith, which nobody cares about). I’ll discuss that in more detail later on in the post but let me just start off with: About Bloody Time. Hetalia might sell just about enough to make up for the losses […]

No CommentsHetalia Axis Powers, Ye Olde Days / By Scamp /

Hetalia Axis Powers episode 33

I often won’t notice in weekly airing anime when the subs start to fall behind. I don’t really keep a mental track of the days the subs usually come out. The exceptions would be when the subs start to fall really far behind, like a few weeks behind. Or if I’m blogging the anime, I […]

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