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September Roundup

2013 has been a bit of a dud so far, but this summer can hold its head up proud. I haven’t actually asked Shinmaru and Inushinde on this, but I’m going to speak for them anyway and say they also think summer has been way better than spring and winter. It was part of their […]

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Anime Mirai: Arve Rezzle and Little Witch Academia

As a follow up to my reviews of the previous 2 years of Young Animator Training Projects, here’s my reviews of 2 of the newly branded Anime Mirai pieces. ZEXCS piece Arve Rezzle and the much anticipated piece by Trigger: Little Witch Academia. I did want to review Death Billiards, but that’s been sitting there […]

24 CommentsFirst Impressions / By Scamp /

Joshiraku episode 1 – Language Barriers (Scamp’s take)

Joshiraku starts with a long fourth-wall breaking skit where the characters explain that watching this anime is a waste of time, and not even the best way to watch it, then following that with a message that the only point of this show is to watch the cute girls because the dialogue goes nowhere. There’s […]

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The forgotten case of the Platinumhugen Ordian subs

I’ve been picking out some awfully obscure anime from 2000 thanks to that Favourite and Forgotten post series I’m doing, one of which is Platinumhugen Ordian. It’s one of the many Evangelion clones that populated anime back then, and appeared to die out once Gurren Lagann was made (although the latest episode of Eureka Seven […]

16 CommentsFuture Diary / By Scamp /

Future Diary episode 10

For a second there upon starting this episode, I thought Future Diary had swapped to an instrumental version of the opening. Which was cool and all, but why did it sound so bad? Why did they just plop a poorly played piano already the existing song? Turns out the subbers thought it would be a […]

28 CommentsFuture Diary / By Scamp /

Future Diary episode 4

I’m going to have to drop Last Exile from my blogging schedule.  It’s an all right anime and it’s not like there’s a lack of things to talk about. I liked how the third episode introduced the fact that the so-called ‘heroes’ of this story are a bunch of religious fanatic pirates, charging into a ‘holy’ […]

19 CommentsArakawa Under the Bridge X Bridge / By Scamp /

Arakawa Under the Bridge X Bridge episode 7

Nutbladder, the group who fansub Arakawa, are generally 3-4 days behind with each of their releases. However that doesn’t really matter, since they were consistently 3-4 days behind with every single release. There was still a weeks wait between episodes and it’s not like any other group were releasing it on time. However this episode […]

20 CommentsHetalia World Series / By Scamp /

Hetalia World Series episode 16

Yeah I’m still blogging this show. I said what my plans for with Hetalia back in this post but I’m sure many of those who read my Hetalia posts don’t read any other posts. Certainly not a boring status update anyway. What I’m doing from now on is following the Hetalia subs done by Rumbel […]

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