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12 Day of Anime #1: Toothbrush

You all knew it was coming eventually. And lo’, exclaimed the Ragi of the many Ar’s, I have brought forth the device to inspect and excavate beyond the veil of thine lips. But nay, my dear audience, did the kin of the Ragi of the many Ar’s truly comprehend the satanic ritual that had been […]

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12 Days of Anime #11: That Battleship

19 CommentsWHO IS IMOUTO? / By Scamp /

WHO IS IMOUTO episode 9 – Mindmap

This is what I spent my birthday doing.

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My Rating System explained

It appears that many people out there find rating systems complicated. Either they feel the need to explain precisely what each score means, or they fail to understand why people would use such a rating system in the first place. Why do you attach arbitrary numbers to what you watch? Some explanations of rating systems […]

36 CommentsMetablogging / By Scamp /

Anicorpse First Impressions: Mysterious Girlfriend X

How far can curiosity take us? What does a single, absent-minded moment weigh? The decisions we wear can alter our lives in ways we can’t imagine. Bringing us to locales we never fathomed, consequences we never considered, love we never expected. Just a single moment, just a puddle of spit, and your life, too, could […]

28 CommentsFuture Diary / By Scamp /

Future Diary episode 18

I think it may be time for some Valentines themed Future Diary content, don’t you think?

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12 Days of Anime #1: Twas the Night of Walpurgis

Twas the night of Walpurgis, and all through fandom people were waiting all in tandem Downloads were watched, F5’s were pressed [gg] fansubs was repeatedly refreshed

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God’s gift to Scamp

So there was I, minding my own business. Chilling in my room, scratching my bum and procrastinating on twitter, when God appeared before me and spake thus: God: SCAMP! I have come to you with a message

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