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Winter 2014 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s World Famous Anime Season Preview: Winter 2014 edition. If you are a regular of these most prestigious of lengthy blog posts, you will know that I like to let my cynical side take over and run amok over Japan’s latest animated offerings. Not this season though. This season looks quite […]

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5 Light Novel adaptations announced in one day – further analysis

The light novel publisher Media Factory, a subsidiary of the publishing conglomerate Kadokawa, announced anime adaptations of 5 of their light novel properties. Usually I cover this sort of stuff in the season preview, but the 5 titles in question all have very noticeable similarities and re-occurring traits. It would be remiss of me not […]

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Campione episode 1 – Itarian (Scamp’s take)

Campione starts off in Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy, which I went on holiday last summer to. Hence I was all excited to see how their depiction of Sardinian life and architecture was like compared with my own experiences. Early impressions left me a bit high and dry through. Apart from one […]

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Summer 2012 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s World Famous Anime Season Preview, summer 2012 edition. And since it’s a summer edition, cue thousands of people saying the season looks crap while totally forgetting that summer seasons are always low on quality. If you can find more than 3 anime that interest you, than you’ve done well. Besides, […]

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Moe Cthulhu episode 1

I know that’s not the actual name of the show, but the real name seems to change every time I checked it. Besides, everyone knows what show I’m talking about. The one where the famous beast of Lovecraft mythology into a moeblob.

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Spring 2012 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s world renowned anime season preview! In the post-chartfag world, the need for season previews to simply tell you what anime are coming out has been diminished. Instead I’m here to tell you why these upcoming anime are interesting. And there are a lot of…interesting anime coming out this spring. Bar […]

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Winter 2012 Anime Season Preview

Ya’ll ready for another round of Senjogahara Fascination? Welcome to the world famous (not really) Cart Driver Season Preview. I usually kick off these posts with some sort of satirical mocking of the ‘everything sucks’ crowd, but since I shall be making a similar statement throughout the course of this post, it would perhaps be […]

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Guilty Crown episode 1

It wasn’t perfect. BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT EVAR!!! With my expectations scaled back a few notches, Guilty Crown’s first episode does manage to join the esteemed ranks of “better than bloody Bakuman”, of which only Persona 4 and Future Diary had achieved the rank of so far (although the second episodes of Fate/Zero and Chihayafuru were both […]

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