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Hetalia World Series episode 10

Totally forgot to mention this is the last post so a lot of you will know this already, but Hetalia has finally been put in its rightful place on television. The sheer popularity of the series over the past year and a bit have beaten over offended Koreans. I’m not sure what format it’s going […]

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12 Moments in Anime #7: Hetalia brings the online community a little closer to world peace

This time I’m going combine my 12 days of anime with my special Hetalia posts I plan to have started by this stage (I’m writing this on the 1st of December. If this is the first you’ve heard of this mini-project Hetalia fangirls then go ahead and berate me in the comments to get moving). This time I’m […]

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Respoding to Hetalia comments

For two-thirds of my anime blogging life I have been blogging Hetalia Axis Powers. Nothing I’ve ever written attracts more comments or more hits than these bloody posts (bar maybe the season previews). For that reason it would be a shame not to give these comments a little bit more loving, especially the ones from the dark days that I […]

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 45

Well that was a long wait wasn’t it. That’s what happens when an episode gets released earlier than scheduled. The original pleasure of getting the next episode early gives way to the extra-long wait for the next episode to arrive. All things considered, I’d like my episodes to be released on time. No later. No […]

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 39

I believe some people have already predicted my reaction to the start of this episode. That opening sequence that left me in fear, dazed and frightened, huddled in a corner, desperately trying to shoo away the atrocious beings that had just appeared upon my monitor. I had seen these creatures before, long ago before anyone […]

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 34

It might interest you to learn that I’m currently homeless. Yup, I’ve moved out of my parents house and yet to move into college accommodation. I’m writing this post underneath a bridge (wifi is everywhere!), curled up in my sleeping bag. Such is my dedication to Hetalia blogging. The above statement may be slightly exaggerated.

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Fall 2009 Anime Season Preview

A proper season preview. None of yer rubbish, this isn’t just chartfags chart slapped down with a few thoughts written down afterwords. This preview has everything! Pictures, videos, synopsis, air dates and in-depth analysis. Why haven’t you visited this preview yet? Go on, click the bloody link!

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 28

I realised that lately I’ve been doing a lot of silly, random posts and I have gotten out of the habit of writing intelligently about my anime. So get ready for some critical analysis that will explore the various tropes employed by Hetalia Axis Powers. I will try to keep all form of humour out of […]

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