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2009 anime: A year in review

2009, the first full year of anime blogging in my life and also the first year where I’ve reached the end knowing that I’ve watched pretty much everything of worth that season. So I feel pretty damn capable of providing a proper review of the year this time round, where as last year I did […]

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12 moments in Anime #3: I still love this series

A title like that could mean anything. It could be a deluded Haruhi fan, declaring anyone who didn’t like Endless Eight not a true fan. It could be an oldfag returning to their favourite 1980’s series for the 6th time as the latest season of anime disappoints him yet again. What I am referring to, however, is my […]

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12 moments in anime #5: The greatest anime I’ve ever had the priviledge not to watch

Did you really think I could go through these posts with no Endless Eight?

30 CommentsHetalia Axis Powers, Ye Olde Days / By Scamp /

Hetalia Axis Powers episode 45

Well that was a long wait wasn’t it. That’s what happens when an episode gets released earlier than scheduled. The original pleasure of getting the next episode early gives way to the extra-long wait for the next episode to arrive. All things considered, I’d like my episodes to be released on time. No later. No […]

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Letter Bee episode 2

Do you see that distant figure over there? That’s my good friend Doubt. I waved goodbye to him after this episode of Letter Bee. He wasn’t needed anymore. I may need him if I’m watching Sacred Blacksmith but he’s certainly not needed when I’m watching Letter Bee. That’s my rather long-winded metaphor for implying that […]

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September Roundup

Last month I said I would get myself a Crunchyroll account and finally get back into watching Gintama. However, with college starting, I’ve been quite busy (those parties are tough work ya know) and barely able to keep up with the weekly anime. However with Crunchyroll getting their hands of loads of anime this season (most […]

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August Roundup

One anime you won’t see in this list is Gintama. It’s not because it’s a bad show, oh far from it. Gintama is one of the greatest and most consistent anime comedies in existence. The problem is I’m stalled at episode 70 and I haven’t gotten a Crunchyroll membership yet. What’s stopping me is the fact […]

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Why I don't care for Seiyuu

If you have read my season preview, you might have noticed that I haven’t made one reference to any voice actors in any of the anime. I talk about studios, directors, original authors and even timeslots but not one mention of the very thing that entire blogs are devoted to: Seiyuu. Why have I ignored such […]

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