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14 CommentsMonogatari Series: Second Season / By Scamp /

Monogatari Series Second Season episode 26 (finale) – Nadeko to be the next Tezuka

Considering how much they teased what was in that wardrobe, it could have been a hell of a lot more anti-climactic. Nadeko could have become a snake god because she was busy running away from doing her summer homework. Now imagine how annoyingly anti-climactic that would have been to several episodes of nothing but repeating […]

44 CommentsMonthly Roundups / By Scamp /

December Roundup

Happy new year and all that jazz. Quiet month again in regards to anime related news, so no pissing about and onto the ratings.

25 CommentsAnime Analysis / By Scamp /

The Failed Fan of Haruhi Suzumiya

This post is meant as a continuation of The Multiple Misfires of Haruhi Suzumiya, written back at the end of October. I highly recommend you read that post before you start this one.

45 CommentsMetablogging, Ore no Imouto / By Scamp /

Ore no Imouto episode 5

Episode 4 sure caused a lot of discussion across anime blogs. Since my post was one of the first out, I wasn’t able to respond to them  in a post of my own, leaving it to the relevant comment sections. But it was really interesting to read all the various interpretations and thoughts towards the […]

21 CommentsAnime Analysis / By Scamp /

The Multiple Misfires of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya is one of, if not the most influential anime of the past decade. It’s partly to blame for the moe boom (although Azumanga Daoih laid the seeds for that a few years before) but certainly the reason that so many Light Novel adaptations are being made nowadays, regardless, and often in spite of […]

31 CommentsAnime Analysis, No Anime is Dropped Forever / By Scamp /

No anime is dropped forever: Princess Tutu

There’s no point in running these ‘no anime is dropped forever’ posts if I never actually watch the anime featured. Next up is that anime that everyone else seemed to love apart from me. Hence I knew when I started these posts that I would eventually have to pick this up. Here we go, Princess […]

54 CommentsHopefully Humorous / By Scamp /

If you watch this anime backwards…

If you watch Angel Beats backwards, it’s about a guys friendship with a cute silver-haired girl fall apart until she stabs him If you watch the last episode of Eden of the East backwards, it’s about a guy creating missiles using his magic finger. Then he keeps losing his memories as a game that never […]

23 CommentsDurarara / By Scamp /

Durarara!! episode 21

In a matter totally unrelated to the episode at hand, The Cart Driver passed 100K views in the past 5 months. Most blogs use this time to call for celebration. However I find it difficult to engage in much jubilation’s when, during my time at Bokutachi no Blog, it went from less than 200K views […]

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