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3 years in the game

About 17 months ago, I made a post about the two-year death many anime blogs fall prey to. The post has been continuously misquoted around the blogosphere by people who thought it was a proclamation of the death of anime blogging in general, when really it was just to show how many anime blogs don’t […]

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God’s gift to Scamp

So there was I, minding my own business. Chilling in my room, scratching my bum and procrastinating on twitter, when God appeared before me and spake thus: God: SCAMP! I have come to you with a message

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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 10


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Summer 1988 Anime Season Preview

Oh Japan. You and your crazy, perverted and awesome cartoons. Where would we be without them. Where would we be without you making even more of them. Which is what they’re doing. And here they are, the new Japanimation coming up in the summer of 1988!

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Status Update

Don’t you want to be a magical economist? First impressions are over. Oh sure, there’s still Deadman Wonderland, Blue Exorcist and Moshidora to write about, but I’m bored of first impression posts now. So on with my obligatory seasonal status update post, in which I actually have interesting stuff to say in for once.

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Dear Irish Blog Awards Judges

There is some circle-jerk blogging competition going on called the Irish Blog Awards or something like that and I’ve been nominated in the Specialist category. I don’t really care about what happens to my blog in there because I am too cool to worry about such things. They haven’t even e-mailed me about including my […]

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Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 10

A ‘wish’. It isn’t a shimmering glass ball which will shatter if grasped firmly. It is a darkly lustrous ball of mud which only firms up when one squeezes it. Its form may be uneven, but it’s the form of one’s own fingers. Not to make it a beautiful gem someday, but to make it […]

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Durarara!! episode 19

To anyone out there who thinks they are master trolls on the internet, stirring shit and generally causing havoc, I have this to say to you: You will never, ever be as good at it as Izaya is. Neither will you ever look as cool as him while doing it. Nor will you have as […]

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