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13 CommentsMonogatari Series: Second Season / By Scamp /

Monogatari Series Second Season episode 18 – Zoetrope storytelling

I do apologise for lateness. I’ve been doing Real World Things, like staying in optional prison suites sorry I mean hostels with an interesting array of people who apparently have no intention of talking to anyone else. I asked one guy where he was from and he said “Europe”. I understand if you are in […]

31 CommentsHopefully Humorous / By Scamp /

Up for the Irish Blog Awards

For the third year running, The Cart Driver is up for the Irish Blog Awards. The first year I was a finalist in the Best Blog by a Youth, but lost the final because the mother of the winner bribed the judges with cake and pasties (this has not been verified). The second year I […]

48 CommentsRandom / By Scamp /

50 Questions

I wasn’t going to answer these 50 questions thing going about the aniblogosphere (there’s too many to even try to link to). I thought it was a waste of 50 perfectly good filler post material, many of which filler posts I had already written. Plus I’d already answered a bunch of questions sent in by […]

34 CommentsFuture Diary / By Scamp /

Future Diary episode 21

I suppose as an Irish fellow, I should probably put up some sort of recognition that it’s my country’s national holiday today. However, while I’m grateful for the fact that growing up in Ireland gave me an accent that the internet thinks is funny, I don’t have any particular love for the country I gained […]

31 CommentsSite News / By Scamp /

Podcasts, Moustaches and Christmas

Now there’s a blog title you never thought you’d see. This is sort of a general status update, because three things have popped up at once so I can’t really use my usual tactic of sticking them into the start of episodic posts.

24 CommentsFuture Diary, Hopefully Humorous / By Scamp /

Future Diary episode 6

St.Peter: Ah jeez God, you’re such a nice guy. Giving that humble Irish anime blogger the anime of his dreams. You truly are an all-loving being. God: What? No I’m not. That anime is going to be rubbish. The writer I chose only wrote one or two episodes of Geass, he won’t be able to […]

16 CommentsRandom / By Scamp /

The readers have spoken part 1

So as I said in my last post, I sent out a question on formspring asking people what I should write about. Then, in turn, I write my responses in this post, like Answerman or Ask John, except I haven’t a clue what I’m talking about. There was quite a lot of questions, so I’m […]

187 CommentsSite News / By Scamp /

3 years in the game

About 17 months ago, I made a post about the two-year death many anime blogs fall prey to. The post has been continuously misquoted around the blogosphere by people who thought it was a proclamation of the death of anime blogging in general, when really it was just to show how many anime blogs don’t […]

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