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January Roundup

We did finally get some news this month. At first I was rather dismissive about the shutting up shop of Bandai USA, because why the hell would I care about what distributors in America? That is, until I realised this was a wider strategy on the part of Bandai in Japan, which meant they were […]

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Fractale episode 2

If you ever want your mind scrubbed, just stare at the Fractale opening for a bit and every thought you ever had will fly away in the sight of the pretty colours. In a season of fantastic background music yet surprisingly disappointing opening songs (even Shaft produced a lacklustre one by their own standards for […]

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Ore no Imouto episode 2

My original plans for blogging the new anime season consisted of Bakuman, Arakawa, Star Driver and one other anime that caught my fancy. Bakuman and Arakawa are already definites, but Star Driver keeps letting me down. It’s less of a glorious conglomeration of Gurren Lagann, Geass and Utena and more a massive mess that reminds […]

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Durarara!! episode 12.5

ROAR OUT LOUDER! Quick crash course: This is the first of the two extra episodes that were promised back just before the show originally ended. The first, in a rather welcomed surprise, is streaming at Crunchyroll. Why they couldn’t do that for the Sora no Woto extra episodes I do not know. But readily available […]

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Studio Rikka in Noitamina + Artfaggory ruining the timeslot

Studio Rikka, the creators of Pale Cocoon and Time of Eve, are on show in the Noitamina timeslot this season. Many people may be surprised at this fact. I mean, aren’t House of Five Leaves and Tatami Galaxy the two shows this season in Noitamina? Isn’t Five Leaves done by Manglobe, and Tatami Galxy done […]

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Durarara!! episode 7

For the first time ever, I got to watch Durarara before everyone bar the raw watchers because it was on Crunchyroll before gg subbed it (gg are currently having some managerial difficulties). CR’s acquisition of Durarara is an odd one. It’s not a true simulcast because it doesn’t get on CR until a day or […]

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12 Moments of Anime #6: The year I thought Crunchyroll would dominate the anime scene

This was originally going to be the first post I wrote in regards to this 12 moments of anime project. I decided to save it for later because I wanted to start off these posts with something happy and uncontroversial. Crunchyroll can certainly spark of some heartfelt comments and they have done before, even when I’ve only […]

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November Roundup

I thought that this would be the year that everyone remembers as the year Crunchyroll got their hands on about half of the anime airing. But Crunchyroll appears to have a far less impression on the anime world than I originally thought they would. Is it because of the rather suspect quality of their streams and subtitles? As a subscriber […]

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