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29 CommentsNisemonogatari / By Scamp /

Nisemonogatari episode 2

Well shit, I wasn’t planning on doing this. I wanted to blog Nymphogear, but the second episode had the audacity to develop a sense of self-awareness, which makes it a whole lot less funny to take the piss out of. I also wanted to cover Daily Dudes, but I’d probably just spend my time explaining […]

20 CommentsFirst Impressions / By Scamp /

Another episode 1

Oh no, not Another first impression post. I thought there was Another anime Scamp still had to write about. I don’t want to hear about Another first episode. I wonder if he’ll use Another piece of wordplay using the title. ….yeah OK, I’m done milking that joke.

46 CommentsMonthly Roundups / By Scamp /

July Roundup

No news. Only cartoons.

47 CommentsMonthly Roundups / By Scamp /

June Roundup

Nothing particularly newsworthy happened this month in the world of anime. Well, except that I bought Baccano wooh! *cough* OK, anime ratings time.

28 CommentsSteins;Gate / By Scamp /

Steins;Gate episode 4

::Note:: While I shall forever remain loyal to my Empress Drossel, I won’t continue blogging Fireball Charming. I really don’t want to blog more than 2 shows a season as it restricts the time I have to post other stuff. So for this season, it’s just Steins;Gate and [C] I am far more disappointed than […]

23 CommentsOccult Academy / By Scamp /

Occult Academy episode 10

Now you know the way Occult Academy has this way of almost but not quite showing upskirt shots with Maya. We’re shown her crossing her legs at just the right angle so we get plenty of luscious Maya thigh but no underwear. Well, actually we do. In the opening. You guys all thought that was […]

15 CommentsHellsing Ultimate / By Scamp /

Blogging Hellsing Ultimate episode 3

Despite having far more blood and gore, despite having people’s heads being ripped off and entrails spread across the floor, despite having 4 army folks thrown and skewered onto flagpolls, the dvd for this episode only had a 15 rating. The last two episodes were 18. I can only think of one possible reason for […]

40 CommentsNo Anime is Dropped Forever / By Scamp /

No anime is dropped forever 56-60

There is no such thing as drop­ping an anime forever. When I use the term ‘dropped’ that does not mean that’s the last I’ll see of that anime in my life. Drop­ping a show means that I don’t have the enthu­si­asm to watch this show cur­rently and at a later date I’ll return to that anime. This later date may be […]

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