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8 CommentsParasyte / By Scamp /

Parasyte episode 15 – I wonder if Shinichi is worried about his humanity

Pacing is a different beast from anime to manga. In manga you control the pacing. You can spend however long you want staring at a beautiful landscape shot, while zooming past boring exposition as you wish. It rips control away from the creators though and means they can’t rely on them being able to hit […]

11 CommentsLists / By Scamp /

Ranking the Haikyuu volleyball team

Arbitrary rankings are fun! Especially when a show gives you a nice concise group of people in an easily defined group that you can then argue and re-arrange the order of how good they are. I did this with the Tiger and Bunny hero team back in the day and that was enjoyable, because it […]

19 CommentsFirst Impressions / By Scamp /

Glasslip episode 1 – Huge cocks

The anime opens with a bunch of characters from every single PA Works anime for the past 6 years all the way back to True Tears standing around at a festival. Then some fireworks go off, which is clearly just as thrilling as the site of watching a screensaver of animated fireworks go off. Each […]

20 CommentsJoJo's Bizarre Adventure / By Shinmaru /

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 7 – A Classy Orangutan

Shinmaru: Unlike the previous episode, I remembered most everything that happens in this one. Funnily enough, an orangutan dressing like a ship’s captain, smoking a pipe and fiddling with a Rubik’s Cube. (The silly designs on the cube were added for the anime, because a plain ol’ cube just won’t do!) I feel like this […]

30 CommentsJoJo's Bizarre Adventure / By Shinmaru /

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 5 – BUTTS

Shinmaru: “I asked my sister’s friend what she saw, and this is what she told me: ‘He had two right hands . . . and a GLORIOUS ASS. My god. Those cheeks could crush a boulder. Actually, I might have seen his face, but I’ve forgotten what it looks like because, seriously, THAT ASS. What […]

29 CommentsEccentric Family / By Scamp /

Eccentric Family episode 9 – Warm arses

Whenever they didn’t specifically show either character’s face during the bathhouse scene, I genuinely couldn’t tell the two of them apart. You’d think considering they’re different genders there should be some difference, but male anime characters are generally so ladylike in their proportions and features that it’s basically impossible to tell. There’s not a scrap […]

35 CommentsEccentric Family / By Scamp /

Eccentric Family episode 6 – So, you ate my dad eh

You know the ways robins like to pose for photos? They will stand on the handle of a spade stuck into the ground with a snowy landscape pictured perfectly behind it, jutting out its chest proudly. It’s simply begging for you to rush now and get your camera to take a photo. So you run […]

12 CommentsEccentric Family / By Scamp /

Eccentric Family episode 3 – Cruella de Vil

DON’T TAKE THE DOUGHNUT KID! DON’T DO IIIIITTTTTTTT!!! Admittedly Satomi isn’t that much like Cruella de Vil. Cruella is more narcissistic and self-obsessed, but petty and kind of a wreck of a person when you think about it. Meanwhile Satomi is more complete of a person. She’s scary precisely because she has her act together. […]

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