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Eccentric Family episode 9 – Warm arses

Whenever they didn’t specifically show either character’s face during the bathhouse scene, I genuinely couldn’t tell the two of them apart. You’d think considering they’re different genders there should be some difference, but male anime characters are generally so ladylike in their proportions and features that it’s basically impossible to tell. There’s not a scrap […]

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Eccentric Family episode 6 – So, you ate my dad eh

You know the ways robins like to pose for photos? They will stand on the handle of a spade stuck into the ground with a snowy landscape pictured perfectly behind it, jutting out its chest proudly. It’s simply begging for you to rush now and get your camera to take a photo. So you run […]

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Eccentric Family episode 3 – Cruella de Vil

DON’T TAKE THE DOUGHNUT KID! DON’T DO IIIIITTTTTTTT!!! Admittedly Satomi isn’t that much like Cruella de Vil. Cruella is more narcissistic and self-obsessed, but petty and kind of a wreck of a person when you think about it. Meanwhile Satomi is more complete of a person. She’s scary precisely because she has her act together. […]

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Nisemonogatari episode 2

Well shit, I wasn’t planning on doing this. I wanted to blog Nymphogear, but the second episode had the audacity to develop a sense of self-awareness, which makes it a whole lot less funny to take the piss out of. I also wanted to cover Daily Dudes, but I’d probably just spend my time explaining […]

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Another episode 1

Oh no, not Another first impression post. I thought there was Another anime Scamp still had to write about. I don’t want to hear about Another first episode. I wonder if he’ll use Another piece of wordplay using the title. ….yeah OK, I’m done milking that joke.

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July Roundup

No news. Only cartoons.

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June Roundup

Nothing particularly newsworthy happened this month in the world of anime. Well, except that I bought Baccano wooh! *cough* OK, anime ratings time.

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Steins;Gate episode 4

::Note:: While I shall forever remain loyal to my Empress Drossel, I won’t continue blogging Fireball Charming. I really don’t want to blog more than 2 shows a season as it restricts the time I have to post other stuff. So for this season, it’s just Steins;Gate and [C] I am far more disappointed than […]

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