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29 CommentsFuture Diary / By Scamp /

Future Diary episode 5

Since I spent the opening of the last Guilty Crown post complaining about the OP being a whole load of tuneless noise and yelling, I should probably also mention how I quite like the Future Diary opening. Again there’s a whole load of noise, but it has a beat, while the vocals are loud enough […]

14 CommentsRandom / By Scamp /

The readers have spoken part 2

Terribad video? Sorry, still on holiday. Too busy rotting on buses and getting drunk tipsy by 1000 foot high cliffs to be doing any of that nonsense. So instead, here’s more responses to reader’s questions. Next post will be the last piece of responses I’ll be doing, so speak now or else forever hold your […]

31 CommentsSteins;Gate / By Scamp /

Steins;Gate episode 18

Disapproving waitress in the background was the best character from this episode. At least, she was the one who came out of it with her reputation unscathed and actually improved. Can’t say the same for the rest of the cast.

90 CommentsUpcoming Seasons / By Scamp /

Summer 2011 Anime Season Preview

To sound like a knowledgeable season previewer, there are a couple of things you must do. Check out the source material. It doesn’t matter how much of the source material you check out. This is just to flaunt your superior knowledge over those who don’t know any better Throw out the names of the animation […]

29 CommentsSteins;Gate / By Scamp /

Steins;Gate episode 6

I’m on the Metanorn Podcast! Listen as I talk about how I got into anime blogging, reminisce over Hetalia, bitch about the Evangelion ending and (pretend to) suck my finger. My general approach to episodic reviewing is to take screencaps, then do the actual writing. However sometimes I get distracted between the screencapping and the […]

13 CommentsFractale / By Scamp /

Fractale episode 9

Zzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuto! (Constipated Nessa is moe).

56 CommentsEditorials / By Scamp /

New Years resolutions for you and me

This was originally going to be a Year In Review post but the ending of Kuragehime sucked enough to make me have to reconsider whether it was better than Durarara or not. Plus, I was bored of trying to dredge up any romance anime this year in which I gave a shit about the actual […]

16 CommentsBakuman / By Scamp /

Bakuman episode 7

I just realised that I went the whole of the last Bakuman post without mentioning sexism. That’s like going through an Ore no Imouto post without whinging about incest or an Arakawa post without saying how much better the first season was. I must remember to get in my obligatory repeated complaint in every single […]

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