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Code Geass episodes 21-25 – I could tell you to kill the Japanese

Before we even begin on Bloodstained Euphie, let’s talk about episode 21 and anime’s tendency to air the goofiest episodes right before the most insane dark episodes. Or alternatively right after. You know that if you have an episode in which the most memorable moment is when a giant robot making the world’s biggest pizza […]

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April 2015 Roundup

Before we jump into a monthly roundup, I was in a book! Lauren Orsini of Otaku Journalist wrote a book Build Your Own Anime Blog with a load of interviews from prominent anime bloggers and me (doh ho ho self deprecating wit). It’s a pretty sizable old read there with tons of interesting stuff from […]

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Code Geass episode 9-12 – Table-kun

Code Geass: Still a serious anime about war and the morality of terrorism. And table fucking. We will get to that part later. I’m actually quite pleased they had this minor scene in one episode since it is basically the reason why the wonderful Nunnally in Wonderland OVA exists and that thing is a minor […]

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Code Geass episodes 5-8 – Pizza Hut supports the (pirated) rebellion

A highly frustrating thing happened to me with Code Geass. I’d been watching my own DVDs I had gotten for Christmas. I got up to episode 6 where I had to swap my dvd out for the next batch of episodes only to discover the box was missing one of the discs. If you know […]

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Code Geass episodes 1-4: The modern classic serious war drama

Code Geass was a very serious war anime from 2006 about the morally grey area of terrorism. Yes we’re doing this. Code Geass rewatch blogging project is a go. I did name this whole goddamn website after a small moment in the series even though I haven’t seen the episode in question since 2008, and […]

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12 Days of Anime: 4 signs CG anime have a future

Ever since that featureless green box pretending to be a helicopter showed up in Golgo 13 back in 1983, CG animation in Japanese anime have been the butt of many jokes, not least from myself. Even all these years and technological advances later, CG animation still suffers from featureless figures, floaty movement, lack of impact, […]

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 5 – Angry Birds

There’s a scene from a later episode of Code Geass R2 (you know a post is going to be gold when it starts with a reference to something from R2) where Lelouch lines up a bunch of unmanned mechs with lances to create a line of lance arches for him to walk under. There was […]

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Mahouka is terrible on every level – a final review

I watched all 26 episodes of Mahouka. I’m not entirely sure why. At some point it was a scholarly interest in why this was the latest hottest thing in light novels. It might have been because people said it gets better in the novels later and I wondered at what stage that would be. At another […]

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