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I guess this blog title is canon now

He was the cart driver all along  

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Scamp’s Top 30 Anime

It’s time to update this thing. It’s been almost 4 years since we last collaborated to produce a definitive list of the best anime of all time, so I figured it was worth returning to see what new anime have made it. But before we go onto that, I first have to give you the […]

19 CommentsTwelve Days / By Scamp /

12 Days of Anime #1: Code Gay-Ass

Rewatching Code Geass was scary. I mean, I had always really liked the anime, but when I go as far as to name the blog after it, it took on a greater significance. The name for the site was suggested in passing by my sister when I was expressing frustration with the difficulty of coming […]

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A Day with The Cart Driver podcast episode 1 – One More Time

Episode 1 is here! Myself and Day from Gar Gar Stegosaurus sing a little bit before talking endlessly about  various mecha anime. And idol anime for some reason. Still getting the hang of this podcasting thing but I feel like we’re getting there. You can listen or direct download below. Below the line there’s also a […]

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I am the official Code Geass expert and appeared on ANNCast

I am the official Code Geass expert! You know this because when ANN asked the general public who they should bring on to talk about how fantastic Code Geass was, they were bombarded with people saying you had to get this Scamp guy on. So I did and you can listen to it here. I […]

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Code Geass R2 episodes 21-25 – But what about the cart driver?

Finally, I can use this picture and have it be relevant. This blog has existed for just over 5 and a half years now. I myself have been blogging for over 7 years, having started on an older team site before jumping ship. I named this blog after this specific scene. Yet I’ve never actually […]

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Code Geass R2 episodes 17-20 – Neo Tokyo is about to E.X.P.L.O.D.E

Notto dis shittu agen. My vague memory of Code Geass R2 is that the show mostly stayed on course until around about episode 18 and a certain thing with Rolo happened and then the whole show went off the rails. Not that Rolo was the glue holding the thing together. I don’t think I’ve written […]

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Code Geass R2 episodes 13-16 – Come at me bro

After faffing about with those bollocks-less Chinese last arc, it’s great to see the return of a genuinely great villain again. One who when you threaten him calls you out. One who when you shoot him in the chest, he just stands there and laughs at you. There’s that brilliant moment where Zero stands with […]

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