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Inushinde’s Top 30 Anime 2.0

Better a few years late than never, but here’s an updated list of what anime are objectively the best according to somebody who, for some reason, can’t seem to get enough of cartoons aimed at little girls. In order to keep portions of the list from feeling too same-y (i.e. ARIA-y, Ghibli-y), some of the […]

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Scamp’s top 10 anime of 2012

2012 was a year in which anime was made. Some of them were really good. Most of them were not. After doing this yearly roundup thing for the past few years, I’m starting to realise that every year is pretty much equal quality-wise. When you have 100+ anime released every year, everything starts to balance […]

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Psycho Pass episode 9 – Oscar Pistorius the cyborg

I’ve noticed that the opening for Psycho Pass includes a shot of Kougami fighting another version of himself, much like the opening to Future Diary. Assuming the imagery used means the same thing, we can therefore conclude that Kougami is a time traveller. This is technically a spoiler for Future Diary, but if you were […]

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Code Geass: Akito the Exiled 1: Spastic Jazz

I love Code Geass. I’ve tried to keep this under wraps for a while, but I think a few people have discovered my shameful otaku secret. Not sure how they figured that out, I thought I had done a pretty good job of hiding it. So obviously I would have been hyped for Akito the […]

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Future Diary episode 26 (finale)

More than anything else, I’ll miss these shots of Yuno’s crazed eyes. For any other problems Future Diary had, the one area you can’t deny it excelled at was depicting Yuno as a psychotic lunatic.

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Future Diary episode 24

Oh yes, Future Diary. Refusing to end when all the other anime do, clawing for my attention by making even crazier stuff happen. And this being Future Diary, that’s a pretty high barrier to crazy it needed to overcome, but it certainly managed it, albeit through the usual method of TIME TRAVEL!

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Future Diary episode 23

I liked this shout back to events in the very first episode. I had completely forgotten about this scene, so congrats for the clever implementation.

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Future Diary episode 19

Do love listening to my voice? Well tough, you’re going to listen to it anyway, because I’ve guest starred on yet another podcast. The ingeniously named FAPcast over at Desu Ex Machine, where I talk about anime and other stuff (mainly just anime). Right, back to gushing about Future Diary being kinda stupid and simultaneously […]

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