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43 CommentsFirst Impressions / By Scamp /

Assorted spring anime first impressions

If I didn’t write a full first impressions post on an anime airing this season, that doesn’t mean I didn’t watch it. I am a machine who watches everything apart from sequels I didn’t like or hadn’t seen the first season of, or kiddy shows (and even then, that Suzy’s Zoo torrent is calling out […]

26 CommentsFirst Impressions / By Scamp /

Sket Dance episode 1

Saying I had low expectations going into Sket Dance would be a lie because that would suggest I had expectations of a certain height. Saying I had no expectations would also be a lie because I knew exactly what to expect having read some of the manga. My expectations were negative, lower than low. The […]

14 CommentsBreak Blade / By Scamp /

Break Blade episode 4

Let’s have the exact same robot running past the same 3 rocks for a bit. Nobody will notice anything. They’ll just think it’s something wrong with their video. I know I thought my video was stuttering when I saw this scene. I think you might have been better when your battles were of a smaller […]

15 CommentsBakuman / By Scamp /

Bakuman episode 18

Super Hero Legends anime opening is 50 bazillion times better than the current your wuvu~. It would have been a pretty daring yet cool move by Bakuman if they had Super Hero Legends as the opening song for Bakuman itself. Not that daring moves are exactly Bakuman’s forte.

48 CommentsMonthly Roundups / By Scamp /

January Roundup

I suppose the closest thing we got to BIG NEWSU~ is Funimation suing 1337 pirates who downloaded One Piece in what is probably meant to be a show of strength but comes off as more a show of stupidity. I’ve generally found it wise to ignore what goes on with Funimation anyway and simply wait […]

24 CommentsBreak Blade / By Scamp /

Broken Blade (Break Blade) episode 2

I’m quite disappointed and a little bit baffled by how little love Broken Blade is getting. It doesn’t do anything particularly new, I’ll give it that. But it achieves what it sets out to do with an extra shine that other shows of similar ilk fail to achieve. The detail gone into the world construction […]

21 CommentsHellsing Ultimate / By Scamp /

Blogging Hellsing Ultimate episode 1

I knew rather little about Hellsing before I started it. It was popular, but often not amongst critics, and had an alternate version OVA called Hellsing Ultimate. I went into the original Hellsing series with a vague expectation of violence, vampires and mild but messy entertainment. To my surprise, I absolutely loved the thing. The […]

10 CommentsMonthly Roundups / By Scamp /

June Roundup

Since these monthly roundups are meant to be something of a time-capsule for what the current anime season was like at this place in time, I’ve decided to lead each monthly roundup post with whatever big news happened in anime over the past month. The only big piece of news I can think of is […]


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