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50 Questions

I wasn’t going to answer these 50 questions thing going about the aniblogosphere (there’s too many to even try to link to). I thought it was a waste of 50 perfectly good filler post material, many of which filler posts I had already written. Plus I’d already answered a bunch of questions sent in by […]

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31-60 Favourite Anime

I made my top 30 anime post about 2 years ago. However, as I watched more anime, more started to enter the list, which inevitably caused others to drop out. Instead of losing what I wrote about them forever, I created a ‘those who just missed out‘ page, devoted to holding those that got kicked […]

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An idiots guide to Google Reader and why you should use it

Discovering Google Reader was the best thing to happen to me on the internet (unlike twitter, which was the worst thing for me to discover of the internet). Google Reader allowed me to keep up a lot more efficiently with the blogs I follow, and various places across the internet (unlike twitter, which enabled me […]

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Steins;Gate episode 4

::Note:: While I shall forever remain loyal to my Empress Drossel, I won’t continue blogging Fireball Charming. I really don’t want to blog more than 2 shows a season as it restricts the time I have to post other stuff. So for this season, it’s just Steins;Gate and [C] I am far more disappointed than […]

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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 1

My original hype I had for this anime got an almighty blow when some of the later trailers were released. What sort of derpy character designs were they? Well, the character designs were still kinda cool looking, but what on earth had happened to the quality control? And in a trailer as well, where they’re […]

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Favourite Anime Characters

This is the 500th post I’ve written since starting blogging, so I figured I should celebrate the occasion with something a bit more substantial than a boring Bakuman episodic. So I settled on a simple list. The second most ‘important’ one after the top anime list. My favourite anime characters of all time.

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March Roundup

A season where quality varied from the magnificent to the terrible, and that’s just in a single anime. Apart from a certain constant A-rank anime, every other show this season has been wildly inconsistent in from one episode to the next. In fact, the only consistent thing anime has managed to produce are poor endings. […]

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2009 anime: A year in review

2009, the first full year of anime blogging in my life and also the first year where I’ve reached the end knowing that I’ve watched pretty much everything of worth that season. So I feel pretty damn capable of providing a proper review of the year this time round, where as last year I did […]

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