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Summer 2017 Anime Season Preview

dat face

I might not get Tanya faces anymore but if Compulsive Gambler can bring me these sorts of delights, I might be all right.\

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s legendary Anime Season Preview, Summer 2017 edition. I am your host Scamp and with me today are a whole lot of great new anime and a whole lot more terrible anime, but that’s why I’m here to help. Unlike last season where most everything worth watching were sequels so we kind of knew what it would be like going in, these season has way less big hitters in the sequel area. Monogatari turns up for its usual yearly series and for those strange people who are into Symphogear, that returns too. But mostly it’s focusing on all these new anime and all the new streaming platforms they will be on…yeah, more on that later.

Welcome to the Ballroom

86016lFor most manga being turned into anime, I like to read the first chapter of the manga so I get a good idea of what it’s like and whether I would be interested in checking out the adaptation. With Welcome to the Ballroom, I didn’t even bother for the same reason I never read the manga for Attack on Titan before it came out: I knew I was going to watch this and probably enjoy it. It’s a goddamn shounen ballroom dancing anime. It’s been getting rave reviews for years and years, and not just from the usual crowd who praise every single shounen manga. It’s being adapted by Production IG who did an absolutely stellar job with Haikyuu. The only problem is it’s been picked up by Amazon so…

Actually let’s talk about this straight away. Amazon has decided to step into the world of anime streaming. They had stepped in a while ago with Kabaneri and other Noitamina anime, but I was under the impression it wasn’t doing super hot since no Noitamina anime since Kabaneri ever took off (and it’s not like Kabaneri got great word of mouth either). They were picking up stuff here and there like Re Creators and Bahamut, the latter of which I’ve been watching on Amazon because my wife got some kind of free subscription service. It’s fine as a streaming platform, not that much worse than Crunchyroll. But it’s locked behind this massive paywall with no free options, which in turn you can’t get into because you need to have Amazon Prime on top of that (if you live in the US that is. In the UK we just need Prime, which is nice I suppose). So for the teenagers who are anime’s primary audience, this fucking sucks. Throw in some region restrictions, something Crunchyroll made a very sincere effort to combat.

The thing is, Amazon is fucking massive and can run this as a loss leader to run their competition into the ground. Anime is a bigger deal than it has ever been and the money is clearly there. But one of the things that made Crunchyroll great is anime is their main thing. They would pick up and stream anime that even fansubbers wouldn’t have bothered with in the glory days of fansubs with all these weird shorts. They run these for the 10 people who watch them because they (at least appear to) care about having that catalogue. Meanwhile the big boys like Amazon and Netflix are going for big hitters, which could leave Crunchyroll with only those weird things. And as much as I love Crunchyroll, I worry about this because at the end of the day, it was picking up Naruto and Bleach that was the real secret sauce behind Crunchyroll’s success.

The argument about competition always struck me as odd because Crunchyroll already has the most powerful competition there is: Piracy. Anime fandom has been practically defined by piracy in the west for decades, from fansub tape trading to IRC torrent channels to even the origin of Crunchyroll itself. The fact we’re in a period where a huge proportion of anime fans are watching anime legally is kind of crazy. Amazon will likely drive many more people to illegal streaming sites again. The question is whether they can drive in enough numbers from the non-hardcore fanbase who have already all decided to throw their toys out of the pram and refuse to subscribe.

Amazon have announced that they will be streaming the first episode of Welcome to the Ballroom on Twitch, and that sounds like a fantastic idea. Gamers are a larger audience than Anime Fans and there is a serious morbid curiosity on my part to see what Twitch chat looks like when watching anime. If they can pull in 10K+ viewers for an episode of anime, that could be a huge deal. But for whether this is actually a good thing for anime fandom, I really don’t think it is. Maybe all the extra money from massive Amazon licensing fees could be pumped back into actually paying animators a proper wage and thereby increasing the quality of anime put out and I won’t have to shake the feeling that I’m watching the product of modern slave labour sometimes. That would be the Good End. The Bad End is anime doesn’t bring in the numbers Amazon wants, it drives a whole new generation of anime fans to piracy, a habit that’s really hard to shake from fandom consciousness that it’s only just started to remove, and it kills off the anime-dedicated platform that is Crunchyroll, leaving us back like it’s 2007 again and the fansub wars pick up.

…anyway, that was really long. The rest of this preview won’t be like that, I promise.

Made in Abyss

83447lThis blog isn’t as popular as it once was so I will need you all to help me on this. Make sure people watch Made in Abyss. It’s got a great unique artstyle with a beautiful trailer and cool sounding premise about this pseudo steampunk world with a giant hole in the ground with monsters in. I’ve seen some people compare it to Bokurano if you want an idea of the tone the story might go in, aka quite grim. It looks legitimately great and I’m worried nobody is going to watch it, so get out there and spread the word. Until it comes out and turns out to be crap in which case you didn’t hear it from me who is Scamp I’m not Scamp my name is 5camp that’s someone totally different oh look over there is that Kana Hanazawa *runs away*


86164lI’ll admit I’m not the greatest fan of the Fate/Verse even at the best of times. What I’ve enjoyed from the franchise boils down to the Rider + Waver segments of Fate/Zero and some of the doujins. But even by those standards, Fate/Apocrypha seems kinda bad. What I read of the manga seemed really stale and lifeless with little characterisation. The staff are nothing to write home about. The trailer doesn’t feature anything special. The plot description doesn’t seem to bring anything unique to the table. Even fans of Fate/Verse didn’t seem overly hyped about the announcement.

NTR: Netsuzou Trap

85782lThe manga for this was hilarious and by hilarious I mean in a “lol this is shite I need to read more” kind of way. It’s about the two friends who are dating different boys but this one girl keeps pulling crazy pranks on the other. Crazy pranks like jamming her tongue down her throat or jamming her knee up against her clitoris. Oh my friend, she likes to play pranks, she’s so crazy, why does she keep pulling all these pranks. I can’t even call it sexy because they’re so gormless for the sake of maintaining the illusion. Neither is it played for jokes really. It feels like a manga for dudes who find the idea of a lady cheating on them with another lady super hot….which I suppose I should have gotten from the name NTR.

Hajimete no Gal

86135lDo you know what was fucking amazing? Prison School. If only all ecchi anime could have the deathly serious tone of humour that Prison School had, we would be living in a world with no wars. I say this because it feels like Hajimete no Gal is trying to go with somewhat of a similar tone with the loser gang of perv male friends with the bossy ladies with massive cleavages and plenty of pantyshots. But it completely fails to capture the delirious wonder of Prison School and instead feels closer to Green Green. Does anyone remember Green Green? It’s probably for the best nobody does.


85900lI want to be Free!
I want to be that KyoAni Anime
You’ve fallen so far Noitamina
…something something something yeah I don’t know. It feels weird to not even be slightly interested in anything Noitamina lately. I haven’t truly genuinely liked a Noitamina anime the whole way through since 2014. Erased and Kabaneri both completely crapped themselves in the second half. Maybe I’m being unfair on Dive. the staff look all right. It’s a new studio with seemingly their first work, and that was the same for Tanya the Evil and that turned out pretty great. But unless this turns into swimsuit sumo butt wrestling rather than the lifeless Free-wannabe it looks like it’s going to be. It’s not like Free was good in the first place!

Compulsive Gambler

85875lIt’s a new anime by Mappa that acts like a cross between Kaiji and Prison School in which a school full of gamblers get very hot and bothered over gambling while pulling some of the most insane brilliant faces. I can’t fucking wait, it’s going to be amazing. It’s by the director of Garo (the good Garo, not the terrible sequel) so it’s a director who understands style, which is all I’m expecting from this. All I ever wanted was a bunch of people pulling deformed insane faces while jizzing over their latest gambling moves.

Centaur’s Worries

85367lThe first chapter of the manga is about a centaur lady worried that her horse vagina is too ugly so all her monster girl friends show each other their vaginas to prove hers isn’t more ugly than anyone else. It’s fantastic and I can’t wait. No really, it’s kind of what I wanted Interviews with Monster Girls to be. A more…explicit look at monster girls and growing pains through puberty, like some sort of cross between it and Galko-chan. The manga is a little bit of a cult hit too. It’s just a shame that the staff and studio behind this anime are terrible. Like truly properly awful. The animation studio has exclusively only made terribly animated Chinese co-productions previously. The director is best known for his work on the semen-sucking-loli show Lotte’s Toy. There’s nothing good about the production staff at all. I’m actually super depressed about it. This could have been a neat little cult hit but I just can’t see it with the staff and studio on board.


85816lThis is a cross-media production with games and books and so on, animated by Gonzo of all people. I actually kinda dig the trailer. The animation is a bit all over the place and there’s some horrid girl saying oniiiii-chan repeatedly, but it’s got a look to it that’s quite original. Or maybe I just really like the music by TeddyLoid. They’re swapping director for each episode, which worked pretty well for Space Dandy. I would say it’s difficult to get some of the incredible talent to work on 18if that worked on Space Dandy if you’re not Shinichiro Watanabe, but 18if has a bunch of the old Studio 4°C people on it and they’re pretty well connected. It’s hard to get excited for a Gonzo anime considering what they’ve been for the past 10 years, but hey I’ll check it out at least. It’s trying something different and that’s exciting.

Katsugeki: Touken Ranbu

83580lTouken Ranbu is a game about historical swords turning into cute boys, kind of like the swordboy equivalent of Kancolle’s boatgirls. There was an anime a couple of seasons ago based off it that was a bit slice of life style. It did well in Japan but fuck all people bothered with it in English-speaking fandom. This one has a better chance to kick off over here because it’s by ufotable, the studio behind Fate/Zero and Garden of Sinners. It’s much more action orientated which tends to grab more attention over here. Not really sure what to expect since the game doesn’t exactly have much of a story. Ufotable might still have the same glistening outline artstyle but some of their key members left to form Troyca and are making absolute crap like Re Creators that I remain thoroughly baffled by anybody liking that show holy shit have I mentioned how bad that anime is why does anyone like it argh stop enjoying things you’re not allowed to argh.

Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun

84101lThe story is…well, imagine someone saw screencaps of that episode of that one episode of Attack on Titan where Levi is dressed up to start a big spring clean but didn’t know anything else about it and decided to make a manga about that. So here we have a story about a guy who is really good at football but instead wants to clean everything. And now it has an anime somehow. The trailer made me grin a little bit so maybe it’s secretly all right? Director hasn’t done much previously but he did direct that Monster Strike youtube series which was a lot better than it had any right to be, so maybe he’s secretly quite talented and this will be his next stepping stone on the road to stardom.

Knight’s & Magic

85914lIt’s a light novel adaptation NO WAIT COME BACK about a mecha otaku who gets reborn in a fantasy world with giant robots and he spends the entire time jizzing his pants because fucking giant robots are awesome. It’s sincere in a way that’s kinda sweet, if admittedly not particularly good. The director is all right though, having directed Aquarion Evol, Welcome to the NHK and…errr, Walkure Romanze. Maybe in a less packed season I might have given this more of a chance. I probably still will too. At the very least I can predict one thing: There will be a lot of porn drawn of the main male character because he is cute and looks like a lady. Just be warned.

Battle Girl High School

83738lI have nothing to say about this except that Battle Girl High School is quite possibly the most generic name for an anime there has ever been and will ever be.

Restaurant to Another World

86165lIt’s about a magical travelling restaurant with cute elf girls running it. It’s Silver Link with the director of Prisma Ilya and Chaos Child directing. I suppose there could be something to an episodic story that picks up random fantasy trope characters if the storytelling is strong enough so I shall use that as my get-out clause for if this turns out to be secretly amazing, but I’m not holding my breath with that staff.

Daily Life at the Supernatural Entity Apartment

85885lThis is based off a novel series about some bloke living in an apartment full of dead spirits. I read a bit of the manga and it’s all right, has an old-school feel to the story. Like it came out of one of the spirit-busting boom around the mid-90s to mid-00s. Not my usual cup of tea but the early episodes of Bleach were my favourite so I have at least some affection for the genre. That’s not me leading into some kind of recommendation though. The trailer looked pretty awful and had no notable animation to speak of whatsoever. I guess if the story is going to come out of the early 00’s then so must the animation quality.

Love and Lies

84339lHey how can we make a bog standard straight romance between two dumb teenagers a forbidden romance? Ooh I know, let’s make it illegal! Because the government are arranging marriages due to the falling population numbers because that’s apparently easier than giving more support to women with children or loosening restrictions on immigration. I joke but it’s not awful. It’s overly serious melodrama that I could see a teenage me being really into being the hopeless loveless hornball that I was. Studio aren’t great though, and not just because they only adapt shitty light novels. Instead this is Liden Films, the studio that took potential gold with Terra Formars and Arslan and made thoroughly forgettable series out of them. I’m no fan, put it that way.

Shoukoku no Altair

86077lSpeaking of Arslan, here’s another series quite similar to that. Set in a roughly similar time period, except this time this historical drama is set mostly in Turkey rather than the Middle East. It’s a story of politics and betrayal and sword fighting and basically everything you expect of these sweeping Arabian epics. Staff are promising (script writer worked on Baccano and Durarara) and Mappa are an excellent studio, if admittedly overworked lately. My only worry, which has always been my worry with these kinds of series, is when they get too dry, it can be difficult to keep invested if you haven’t done a fantastic job with the world building and characterisation. The manga was all right but I could feel myself zoning out at times. Still, the better studio and staff has gotten my hopes up that it will succeed where Arslan failed with its drab directing and visuals.

Princess Principal

84891lOn name alone I would have thought this is some kind of eroge where this princess becomes the principal of your school and then you fuck. But no, it’s an anime original piece about 19th Century London teenage girl spies with music by Yuki Kaijura and staff who have made a bunch of the classic Sunrise car crash supremes including Code Geass (but not Goro Taniguchi as he’s too busy making hard sci-fi anime original full CG anime that only I watch). It’s being made by Studio 3Hz, a relatively new studio who I appreciate what they’re trying to do more than what they’ve made so far. Yeah I didn’t like either Dimension W or Flip Flappers, but I liked the attempts of both at least. It’s basically a Victorian spy drama except all the characters are cute girls because that’s what you’ve got to do to make some anime made nowadays, and I can kinda accept that if it’s still entertaining.

Nana Maru San Batsu

85577lThis is basically a sports anime except this time the sport is finger-on-buzzer quizzes. I suppose if we can have a sports anime about swimsuit sumo butt wrestling and have it be good then why not an anime where everyone gets very emotional about quizzes. Once you get over the part about it being a sports quiz anime though, it’s actually pretty generic and unremarkable. The saving grace is the quizmaster himself, an overly enthusiastic man with glasses that he keeps needing to push up while speaking in deadly serious tones about his mother fucking quizzes.

Tsuredure Children

86142lA bunch of teenagers blush at each other. That’s about it.

Vatican Miracle Examiner

85824lWhen did anime decide that priests were totes sexushii? I suppose it’s been coming since sexy nun has been a thing for a while too. Anyway, this is about a pair of bishie priests who go around performing exorcisms while fucking off screen a bunch. Each other that is, not little kids, this is anime after all. It’s based off a novel series, as in actual novels instead of their lighter counterparts, and that’s usually a promising sign. Even for bishie exorcist priests. I used to not touch JC Staff stuff with a 10 foot pole but I relaxed that rule after Prison School, although it’s not like their stuff has lit the world on fire lately either. I didn’t even realise Taboo Tattoo had aired but apparently it did and JC Staff made it and it made as many waves as a feather dropped in the Atlantic.


86496lThere’s not much to write home about here. It’s another afterschool club anime except they all play video games by the author of Seitokai no Ichizon, a pretty unremarkable reference-laden light novel from a decade ago. The staff and studio are relative newbies though. The studio is called Pine Jam, which I like to imagine every Thursday the company director jumps in the door, throws pine cones everywhere and yells PINE JAM and then a disco ball descends from the ceiling and everyone is obliged to breakdance on their desks. This is only their second anime, with their first being one of those pedobait magical girl shows so it’s probably unfair to judge them on that. Maybe it’s Shirobako teaching me the struggles of studios, or maybe it’s because Tanya the Evil was bloody fantastic and it was made by the newbie Studio Nut, but I’ve found myself feeling more hopeful about new studios nowadays and wanting them to succeed.


83018lNow theoretically I should love this as it has the director of Mushishi and Detroit Metal City working on it, with the somewhat revitalised Studio Deen after their work on Rakugo. But the trailer annoyed the ever loving shit out of me. First of all it’s Stan Lee, the Spiderman author, strolling into anime thinking he can blow us all out of the water. Because after Heroman was as successful as a cardboard submarine, I’m sure we’re all fucking excited to see what you’ve got for us next oh Lee Sensei. Then the trailer is like “what if people…had super powers!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”. Like holy shit way to blow our fucking minds Lee Sensei, have you got anything else? Or shall I go back and watch My Hero Academia and Tiger and Bunny because Japan has never seen an anime with fucking superheroes in it before or something. And then the trailer goes on to ask will they use their powers for good……………..OR FOR EEEEEVIL oh fuck off.

Chronos Ruler

84944lI’m at the stage of the season preview where all the things I’m interested in have passed but I still feel want to make double sure I haven’t missed anything that might be interesting. Like maybe there’s a crappy looking CG anime with cute girls that’s actually an excellent hard sci-fi story with one of my favourite directors of all time working on it even if I will still be the only person to watch it (I’m sorry ID-0, I think you’re good even if nobody else is even aware you exist). So Chronos Ruler is an adaptation of a Taiwanese manga featuring three characters all called Putin with a visual style reminiscent of K and a studio that have only ever adapted absolute garbage with a director whose previous work was Chaos Dragon. So yeah, maybe amusing to imagine all the characters are Vladimir Putin but beyond that not really.

Konbini Kareshi

86243lI enjoyed the trailer because it was talking about love and romance but the main dude didn’t look interested until his face lit up as he walked towards a convenience store so all I could think was “awww yeah he’s gonna fuck the convenience store” and now I want to watch it.

In a Different World with a Smartphone

84825lAnother one of the many light novel adaptations about a bloke being trapped in a fantasy world like one of your fantasy RPG vidya games. Except this time he has a smart phone ooh how wacky. It’s like Re Zero except not as good is how I’ve heard it described. Bunch of cute girls surrounding this one bloke and they amp up the tropes playing it for “comedy” but rather it’s just doing the same thing except acknowledging that it’s generic.

Tenshi no 3P

86087lFor people who like writing music but like little girls too much and make music producers uncomfortable. Here’s the anime for you! A bloke who writes Vocaloid music finds a bunch of 12 year old girls who want to play his music. If this was a western show I’d assume it was like School of Rock, but since this is Japan and I have so little faith in them to do something not pedo-bait.

Aho Girl

85699lLiterally Stupid Girl, it’s like they took the stupid friend character in harem anime, swapped their gender and made an anime out of it. She like the pretty dude character and loves bananas, so she’s a girl after my own heart. It’s only 15 minute episodes, which is probably a good thing. If anything it should probably be 7 minute episodes like Tonari no Seki-kun.

Classroom of the Elite

86424lA light novel story about a school full of stuck up pricks who think they’re better than everyone else. Like imagine an entire series full of Onii-chan Jesus from Mahouka. It’s insufferable. Throw in Seiji Kishi directing and blergh yeah not interested.

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits

86013lYou are just picking words out of a bucket of generic English words to put in anime titles now, except someone dropped the word Fruits in there and nobody noticed fast enough.


84913lOwarimonogatari Second Season is the latest in the loooooong-running Monogatari series, of which I’ll admit even I have started to lose track of. I never finished Tsukimonogatari (the one about the girl with the hat with eyes on her head) nor did I ever watch Koyomimonogatari (the series of spinoff shorter episodes). I also haven’t watched any of the Kizumonogatari movies (the prequels) but I might save them until they’re all released. I have some catching up to do anyway, which is a shame because that would have been the only sequel I was interested in this season. That’s fine though, since last season almost all the anime I ended up watching were sequels.

As for the other stuff, New Game is getting another season of being Not As Good As Shirobako. Symphogear has another season of being it’s own weird self. Hell Girl returns after a long absence, but it’s only 6 actual new episodes and 6 recap pieces, although how you would notice since every Hell Girl episode is the same is beyond me. Saiyuki is another series that has returned after a billion years, and I’m pretty sure everyone who liked the show originally has grown up and now prefers mortgages and cabbage soup to anime. Speaking of something that anime fandom hasn’t seen in ages, I am just going to pretend there isn’t a new Irresponsible Captain Tylor short series and pretend those character designs I saw don’t exist nope definitely not. Luck and Logic is mysteriously getting a sequel because I guess it somehow convinced people to play the mobile game. Kaito x Ansa is a sequel to Nazotokine, one of the worst anime I have seen this decade.  Finally Teekyu continues its desire to conquer the known universe.

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  1. Posted July 1, 2017 at 8:45 pm | Permalink

    DIVE! isn’t studio Zero-G’s first anime ; it’s their third. (Fourth if you count a short.) Their actual first series was the dreadfully boring and forgettable Battery. (They also worked lately on Tsugumomo, the quasi-porn sash-magical-girlfriend thing.)

    This has set my expectations very low indeed.

  2. Leo
    Posted July 1, 2017 at 10:59 pm | Permalink

    How does one fuck a convenience store?

  3. Posted July 2, 2017 at 1:58 am | Permalink

    The one guy in the Dive poster has a 10-pack.

  4. Ken
    Posted July 2, 2017 at 4:47 pm | Permalink

    Maybe Production IG borrowed some animators from Shaft to help them with the heads tilting back for Welcome to the Ballroom. I saw the preview, and that’s some serious head tilt.

  5. Pete
    Posted July 2, 2017 at 6:36 pm | Permalink

    Ah Centaur’s Worries that manga has some slightly weird chapters.^^

    I have started watching ID-0 now, seems decent.

  6. SamuraiOstrich
    Posted July 3, 2017 at 1:06 am | Permalink

    Oh shit I had no idea there was going to be a Tsurezure Children anime. The manga was actually funny and that one blonde drama club guy (Katori-senpai or something) is my idol, but I don’t know if it can/will be translated into anime very well.

  7. ANON
    Posted July 3, 2017 at 5:21 am | Permalink

    …I’m pretty sure everyone who liked the show originally has grown up and now prefers mortgages and cabbage soup to anime.

    Never stop doing these previews 5camp!

  8. Different Anon
    Posted July 3, 2017 at 7:01 am | Permalink

    The big social media platforms may have taken over the anime fandom, but the best shit is still on text blogs. Even if this site is smaller than it once was, thanks for keeping it alive, Scamp (or 5camp, depending on how Made in Abyss turns out).

  9. usanotsuki
    Posted July 3, 2017 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

    saiyuki is returning this season as well! not many people still remembers saiyuki, but it was definitely one of my all time favorite old-school anime..

  10. Hitagi
    Posted July 4, 2017 at 2:59 am | Permalink

    You should read the manga at some point for ballroom e youkoso @scamp. The art in itself especially during the later chapter makes it worth reading for.

  11. TheVoid
    Posted July 4, 2017 at 8:52 am | Permalink

    There was that manga by the guy who made Shaman King where Stan Lee was the villain. I think he even said Excelsior at one point.

    Not sure what my point is, but maybe Stan Lee is Chuuni?

  12. Nigouki
    Posted July 5, 2017 at 4:28 pm | Permalink

    Dang. I bet KonKare would end up being way more interesting if it was about a guy who secretly had a kink for the convenience store. Maybe he even WAS dating one of the girls, and she worked at the convenience store, but once she quit her job and started working someplace else the boyfriend struggled to remain attracted to her and it seriously hurt their relationship, and the guy has to find out if he really loves her or if he has a problem (but of course the show ends with him leaving her for his true love, the convenience store)

    Anyway, after all these years I’ll watch pretty much anything you recommend, so I’ll definitely give the all CG show and Made in Abyss a try! I still have to finish Thunderbolt Fantasy though. By the way, I haven’t been keeping track of Amazon so the beginning bit was interesting (and a little concerning) to read about.

    Thanks for continuing to do these wonderful season previews!

  13. Jack
    Posted July 6, 2017 at 2:20 am | Permalink

    Surprised you didn’t mention the new Kino’s Journey (remake? sequel?) EDIT: Apparently there’s no release date yet. I got a little ahead of myself.

    • Release Date
      Posted July 6, 2017 at 6:15 am | Permalink

      Google says it’s slated for this fall.

  14. Inushinde
    Posted July 6, 2017 at 5:38 am | Permalink

    Excuse me, you forgot to use the entire series name. It’s Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ: By shedding many tears, the reality you face is. I was going to amend the post, but I’ll give you a chance to fix this grievous omission, mostly because I couldn’t fit it in without the paragraph looking really clunky.

  15. DarkEnergy
    Posted July 8, 2017 at 7:37 am | Permalink

    I just saw Made in Abyss and it’s actually really good! It’s like watching a Ghibli movie. It’s so original and fun. I really hope more people watch it. Thanks for recommending it, Scamp.

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