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Sora no Woto episode 9 metablogged

We find out that Claus wasn’t the famous Desert Wolf, he just didn’t have will to break Kureha’s hero worship. Hell, I really don’t blame Claus for letting Kureha go on about the whole thing, who doesn’t want to be worshiped by a cute girl from time to time.

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Personally, I prefer to be tsundere worshipped by Rio but I’d take Kureha if that option wasn’t available.

You know when you hung round younger kids, like cousins or something, and your word was absolute, wasn’t that feeling of immense power delightful? You were the mediator and the one they looked towards for advice and guidance. For that reason, I can see why Claus didn’t tell Kureha his secret. Kureha, being all immature, would have that same effect that a wide-eyed kid would have. In that one persons world, you are the greatest. So while a lot was made of him not wanting to destroy Kureha’s feelings, I’d say his own feelings also came into play in keeping his identity secret.

The one part I didn’t like – and got really frustrated watching – was the scene between Seiya and Kureha. As I’ve noted for other series, I abhor stubborn and bratty kid characters like that, so I was rooting for her to knock him out and just drag him to safety.

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This isn’t the only time I’ve seen this complaint. Kids in anime, unless they are of the Hanamaru kawaii variety or unnaturally mature, are generally viewed as annoyances by the anime viewing population, myself included. Take the kids in Eureka Seven. Oh god were they the brattiest bunch of kids imaginable. Sometimes a series manages to pull off kids without them being annoying, such as Noein or Dennou Coil (and even then I’m sure there’s those amongst you who hated them too) but they’re certainly never found in fans ‘favourite characters’ lists.

My biggest fear here is Rio: in this episode she may have been a bit too angsty for her own good. If she was trying to make a difficult decision that we don’t know about, then okay, I can understand that. But please don’t tell me that she was angsting like a teenaged girl who hates her father and who is trying to make her do things she doesn’t want to.

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When Rio was doing her jazz scene, both the people in the show and the people watching the show were going “ah yes, Rio is being angsty and wondering what she should do with her life” and so on. I was far too busy thinking “yeah Rio, bust some moves!”. But anyway, it appears Rio’s story will be the main point to finish up Sora no Woto, although we have yet to have a proper Noel episode as of yet. One more episode for Noel and then the finale is what I’m expecting.

(Generic comment I’d like to make about this ‘fanservice’ scene. Fanservice means that it’s tossed in simply for the fans of the show and has little to nothing to do with the actual anime itself. This scene of the girls pratting about in their underwear showed how close the lot of them are. You’re generally pretty good friends when your all sitting around in your underwear together. If this was episode 1 or 2, there would be a bit more shyness from the characters from being exposed. Not so here, hence the relative importance of the scene)

Sora no Woto was one of my most anticipated shows of the winter season. I had high expectations of it since it was supposed to be my replacement K-ON for the season but after a couple of episodes I realized it actually wasn’t what I was wishing for.

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Finally picked up this series, during this relatively quiet winter season. I had been somewhat put off by how the characters resembled the KON! cast. I enjoyed KON! just fine but the idea of it being transplanted to a military context was very unappealing. Thankfully Sora no Woto is quite a different kettle of fish

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Sora no Woto has never able to break away from the K-ON typecast comparisons, even though there were mountains of people when it first aired declaring that it was NOTHING LIKE K-ON RAWR RAWR RAWR. I wonder if it will ever lose that stigma?

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    The jazz scene was fantastic, hands down. I wish the anime had time for more music scenes.

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