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Sora no Woto episode 8 metablogged

I wasn’t sure after last week’s great episode if they were going to go back to the light-hearted stuff or if the rest of the series was going to be serious. The answer – for this week anyway – is more the former than the latter. And based on how excited I was about the direction the series was going, I have to say that I was at least a little disappointed

Random Curiosity

Which seems to be the general fan reaction to the episode. Certain fetishers were delighted. Most of the rest of us…not so much.

I have to say that watching Kanata perform her phone watch was very funny. Lesson 1 Kanata, NEVER VOLUNTEER FOR SHIT! If I was Kanata I would have been really pissed at Noel for not checking on me. I mean, come on, it’s the job of NCOs to check on the welfare of the junior troops when pulling guard duty, she failed as an NCO.

Crystal Tokyo Anime Blog

I found it funny that the blogspheres two resident army veterans, Crusader from THAT and Animewriter here, both were quite adamant on bringing across that when in the army, you do NOT volunteer for anything ever. Not only that but they both gave out about a rather lax Noel. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, all armies appear to work the same way.

I highly doubt that Rio would be the bearer of Iliya’s Trademark item if she were simply a relation. I think they are leaning towards Rio being somehow related to the ducal line…but if it is as I suspect that Rio is being asked to be a head of state then she has quite a challenge ahead of her. With the peace talks still involving even the mention of reparations then it must not be going well since there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut victor from the last war. If on the other hand, Rio is designated as being royalty but not named heir, and the other side is run as a monarchy then Rio is probably going to end up in a political marriage if things get real tense. Given how low the population is it might not be too far fetched to bring out previously unknown nobles after all the recognized ones were lost fighting the war

THAT Anime Blog

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t made the connection from Rio to Royalty watching the episodes themselves. They made it pretty darn obvious too, what with the bell-on-a-chain on both Rio and Princess Iliya. What this means for Rio is up for debate, especially with such an ambiguous statement as ‘Save Helvetia’. What has become clear is that she will be the main focus once the show starts hitting its finale, although I predict an episode on Kureha and Noel before we hit that finale.

Indeed, episode 7 appears not only to be the culmination of what came before but also the start of the rest of the show–at least if the ending of episode 8 is of any portent. Discovering hints of the past is giving way to how the future–what is left of it at any rate–is going to be saved, even if it’s only on a small scale. What Felicia said the meaning of her life has become at the end  of episode 7, to make sure that those under her do not suffer as she did, may become a real live mission in due time. Of course, linking the characters to the story of the Fire Maidens from the start, especially in the OP sequence, was a ready signal that they were going to re-enact its events at some point.

Anime Diet

I certainly hope this is the case. One thing I’ve been worried about is Sora no Woto never actually having a story set in its own time. The girls would stay on that mountain and gradually reveal each of their pasts and the past of the world itself with no conflict happening in real time apart from maybe a conflict with their emotions. But if we take these foreshadowing at its literal sense, there’s certainly a sense that the fire maidens story will play out. There’s been hints of the flying monster type creature and, if my memory is not mistaken, there was mention of a spider in that fairy tale. Which cements my theory that the fire maiden story was based less on mythical legend and originally involved high-tech machinery.

I bet that they’re [the last 5 episodes] going to be completely different from what we’ve seen from this series so far. I really hope that the creators weren’t too ambitious with it, I’d much rather have seen a finale that would focus on the characters. For this final arc, the creators are really going to have to take care to not overdo it and suddenly have our five-some god-mode themselves through this war. That’s the thing I’m most afraid of.

Star Crossed

Sorry Mr.Psgels but I don’t think I could disagree more. What’s worse is that he suggests Ride Back as an excellent example of how this should pan out. Now I personally couldn’t think of a worse way for this series to end. Ride Back ended its run by focusing on its rather dull lead character at the total expense of the main plot and resulted in one of the most horribly anti-climactic ending in existence. If Sora no Woto failed to answer its questions and instead had some ending where Rio stops running away from her noble duty or something like that then I’ll be mightily disappointed. In fact, I wouldn’t mind a god-mode ending if they managed to connect it properly with the rest of the story, although I seriously doubt that will be the case. Because really, if life returns to the sea then I will facepalm.

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    While I haven’t seen Rideback myself, I think I’m with Psgels on the idea that I don’t want Sora no Woto to go in a dramatically different direction from what it has already done. I mean, up to now it’s displayed restrained sweetness and lightness with an underlying mood of melancholy and mystery. So far so good, but I don’t trust the show to execute a wholesale identity change, which it would need to do to deliver the Big Climax I think you’re looking for.

    The series Sora no Woto should try to be like is Aria. Not end exactly like that, but the same mood of soft sentiment and life goes on.

  2. Posted February 25, 2010 at 11:50 pm | Permalink

    Hmm. This episode was a disappointment to me as well. I was hoping for some more awesome plot advancing, etc., but instead we got Kanata’s bathroom problems and an episode full of sitting around. Sure, there was some very important plot related stuff towards the end, but still…

    However, I did find it amusing that the old man got in trouble as well as the children. XD

  3. Posted February 26, 2010 at 1:06 am | Permalink

    I feel bad for taking so long to get to this episode, but this has been a week where life hasn’t gone to plan whatsoever.

    It’s hard to have much to say about this episode, but the foreshadowing seems stronger in this episode then that last. I think within the next two episodes, something serious will happen. But we’ll see…

  4. Posted February 26, 2010 at 1:59 am | Permalink

    The series Sora no Woto should try to be like is Aria. Not end exactly like that, but the same mood of soft sen­ti­ment and life goes on.

    I’m quietly seeing how everything will play out, but this is the type of slice-of-life I like…
    I like this episode, save for Kanata pissing herself.

    The next episode will be about Krauss/Claus/Kurausu revealing something about himself to Kureha, so we should find out more about the past. The episode after is about Rio, and a TV guide’s synopsis leads me to think that there will be plot development in this.

  5. Duelit
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    OMG DURARARA!! 8 IS EPIC!!! Just saying ^_^ Find out why ;)

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